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Tottenham willing to spend up to €20 million on Gareth Bale’s wages and loan fee -report

Real Madrid want to make the deal permanent.


Real Madrid attacker Gareth Bale is on his way out of the club and seems ready to return to Tottenham Hotspur seven years after leaving the London-based club to join Real Madrid. While the deal is “close but not done” in the words of Bale’s agent Jonathan Barnett, reports are being published explaining how the clubs will finalize the loan deal.

Tottenham will pay around €20 million on Bale’s wages and loan fees —mainly bonuses depending on Bale’s performances—, which would equal around two thirds of Bale’s current salary with Real Madrid, according to reports from Sky Sports and The Independent. Whether or not Los Blancos are actually willing to pay the remaining part of that contract remains to be seen and quite probably is still subject to negotiations.

Another crucial talking point between Madrid and Tottenham is the length of this loan deal, with Real keen on signing a two-year loan in order to let Bale go for good. Tottenham are not that interested in this and would only want to sign the Welshman for this upcoming season, something which could be quite problematic for Madrid given that the attacker would be forced to return to the Spanish capital next summer, as his contract with Los Blancos expires in 2022. That would compel Madrid to start over again and find Bale another club in less than 12 months.

Tottenham want Bale, Madrid want to get rid of his contract and the Welshman is finally accepting to leave the club. The deal will almost certainly get done and Barnett admitted that this Wednesday. It’s now a matter of the two boards reaching a final agreement about some small details.

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