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Ronaldo Nazario Talks About His Parties In An Interview With Jorge Valdano

Ronaldo and Luis Figo of Real Madrid celebrate Photo by Firto Foto/Getty Images

In an interview with former Real Madrid player, coach, and sporting director Jorge Valdano, Ronaldo Nazario spoke about his time at Real Madrid in a pretty light-hearted tone.

Ronaldo spoke about the parties that he had in the Spanish capital, among other things.

“There is a legend about it all, more than what it really was,” Ronaldo said of his parties.

“Sometimes I maybe partied too much, but it wasn’t really like that.

“I’ve always been very responsible and I’ve always tried not to hurt my body.

Ronaldo said that his parties were always celebratory, and with the right intentions:

“Yes, after winning matches I did like to celebrate... and since we always won that was a problem!

“But there is much more to the legend than the reality.”

The Brazilian striker, who is now president of Real Valladolid, spoke highly of the club and city: “It was a wonderful time as Real Madrid and the city of Madrid is the best combination of club and city that you can find,”

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