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Real Madrid Femenino vs. Santa Teresa: Starting Lineups, Time, & How to Watch

Las Blancas are back... for real this time!

Real Madrid V Atletico de Madrid - Primera Division Femenina Photo by Oscar J. Barroso / Europa Press Sports via Getty Images

Real Madrid Femenino kick off against Santa Teresa at 19:00 CET (1:00 am EST) in the Ciudad Real Madrid. Las Blancas’ last two matches have been postponed. Their match against Real Sociedad was postponed due to weather conditions and the match against EDF Logroño was postponed by, what turned out to be, a false-positive COVID-19 test.

Las Blancas haven’t played since their 2-0 win against Madrid CFF. They have won two straight and are looking for their third. Santa Teresa has only won three matches all season. The have also drawn twice and lost nine matches. One of the draws came in their last match against Athletic Club.


Real Madrid XI: Misa; Kenti Robles, Babett Peter, Claudia Florentino, Olga Carmona; Aurélie Kaci, Maite Oroz, Teresa Abelleira; Marta Cardona, Kosovare Asllani Sofia Jakobsson

Subs: Yohana, Thaisa, Lorena Navarro, Samara Ortíz Cruz, Marta Corredera, Malena Ortíz Cruz, Ariana Arias

Theoretical formation: 4-3-3

Santa Teresa XI: Y. Aguirre, van Slambrouck, A. Rovirola, Nayadet, Estefa, Belén, Judith V., M. Neira, Mellado, Raquel Ayuso, Blanca

Subs: Raquel Poza, Lordemann, Marta Parrajelo, Mireya, Nerea Pérez, Laaksonen, Mariana, Alba Zafra, Kenni

Theoretical formation: 4-4-2

How to Watch

Real Madrid TV (Español)

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