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Marta Cardona: “Our team’s DNA is to fight till the very end”

Marta Cardona talks about El Clásico & playing under the COVID-19 context.

Real Madrid v Madrid CFF - Primera Iberdrola Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images

In a lengthy interview with AS’s Mayca Jiménez, Real Madrid Femenino star Marta Cardona discussed a variety of topics, including the upcoming Clásico vs. FC Barcelona Femení. Below are some of the translated highlights. Click here for the full interview.

Mayca Jiménez: Real Madrid Femenino come from a game in which they won (1-0 at Santa Teresa) with a goal in the 95th minute, does this victory give you a boost?

Marta Cardona: Our team’s DNA is to fight till the very end, to never lower our fists. It was very deserved because we threatened on many occasions, being all the time in their section of the field, etc. We don’t stop until we achieve the victory and we experienced it with great euphoria and satisfaction.

MJ: A triumphant goal in the last moment is always an explosion of sensations. Can you imagine beating Barça like this in the impregnable Johan Cruyff?

MC: We know that we are going to suffer and that we have to give 200%. Hopefully we achieve our reward for all of our effort, whatever the minute. The important thing is that the result is positive and that we take the three points home and break their record of not losing at home.

MJ: What is more important in this type of match, the psychological or the physical aspect?

MC: Both are very important. If you lose one, you also lose the other. They have to go hand in hand. We have to be very focused on Barca and play our game so that everything goes perfectly.

MJ: Real Madrid are second in the standings not including the two postponed games. Yes, it is true that Barça have a big advantage, with two more points and three games less, but do you see it as possible to win the league?

MC: Right now with all this mess we don’t think about that. There are many postponed games and the only thing that comes to mind is to think about the day to day. Work for each game that comes your way and try to keep ourselves engaged with the whole situation of the here and now. It does not give you anything to think ahead, if you go for the league or not. Let’s go game by game.

MJ: How are you all living with the concern of COVID-19, which once again threatens the Primera Iberdrola?

MC: I take advantage of the fact that you ask me this question to send a message of encouragement to society. We are privileged to continue doing our sport despite the fact that almost everything is paralyzed. For this reason, I want to send a greeting to all the people who have had a very bad time and I believe that together, joining forces, we will come out of all of this. And then, with regard to postponed matches, we still don’t know if we’re going to be able to finish the competition or not. We want to finish the competition and for all the matches to be played out.

MJ: As for COVID-19, have you or your family experienced a complicated situation due to this virus?

MC: Yes. Unfortunately, I have experienced it in my family during confinement. A first cousin of my father had cancer, they operated on him and everything was going to be fine, but he caught COVID-19 and everything got mixed up and he finally died. Unfortunately, I have experienced it closely and I feel a lot for the rest of the people who have experienced similar situations.

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