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Player Ratings: FC Barcelona Femení 4 - 1 Real Madrid Femenino

Maite Oroz shines despite the Clásico defeat.

FC Barcelona v Real Madrid - Primera Iberdrola Photo by Urbanandsport/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Real Madrid Femenino lost to league leaders FC Barcelona Femení 4-1 in the second Clásico of the season. Las Blancas performed much better than last time despite the scoreline. The Catalan side got two goals from Asisat Oshoala and one each from Alexia Putellas and Jennifer Hermoso. Real Madrid pulled one back late through an Olga Carmona penalty kick.

Player Ratings:

Misa — 5.5/10: Misa made two really good saves and was quick off her line to cut out a few Barcelona counter-attacks. She was beaten four times on the day and the only goal she could’ve done better on was Alexia Putellas’ opening strike. It was a great shot but Misa got a hand to it and could’ve pushed it over the bar. We always talk about how fans have to live and die by Misa’s style of play and she was punished today after a lot of great interventions. Misa saw red after saving a shot with her hand outside of the area, having been forced to come way off her line. She will miss the next league match.

Kenti Robles — 5.5/10: Most of Las Blancas’ attacks were down the left side of the field so Robles wasn’t that involved. She recorded Real Madrid’s only open play shot on goal through some good combination play with Marta Cardona. But she was caught up the pitch leading up to the second goal and Barcelona punished Real Madrid in the space they found behind.

Ivana Andrés — 5.5/10: Ivana Andrés faced a tough task in her first match back from injury. She was caught covering for Robles in the lead up to the second goal and she kept Graham Hansen onside for the third goal. Neither of those sequences were entirely her fault and she still managed some good defensive actions.

Babett Peter — 6.5/10: Peter defended well — for the most part — against Barcelona. She was by far Las Blancas’ most reliable defender. But, at one point, she stepped up to challenge in the midfield and lost out. The resulting pass led to Caroline Graham Hansen assisting Oshoala on the counter. Peter recovered and finished the match strong. She provided the long ball that eventually led to the penalty and Real Madrid’s only goal.

Olga Carmona — 7/10: Carmona struggled to connect her passes in the first half, which is very uncharacteristic of her. Overall, she defended pretty well although she was caught upfield a few times. She was the second most press resistant player for Las Blancas and had a few good dribbling sequences. Carmona was tasked with taking the late penalty and calmly converted.

Thaisa — 7/10: Thaisa was the second best Real Madrid midfielder today. She put in some good challenges and was decent in possession. Thaisa had some good dribbling sequences and rotated with Oroz as the single pivot to help circulate possession.

Maite Oroz — 8.5/10: Oroz showed that her on-ball skills are simply a level above everyone else on this team. She was the only reliable outlet out of pressure, created space and opportunities through her touches and turns, and was clearly Real Madrid’s best performer.

Teresa — 5.5/10: Teresa was nonexistent in the first 25 minutes. She struggled to get on the ball and was stifled by Barcelona’s press, but got better as the half progressed. Teresa started the second half well but drifted out of the match. She was replaced in the 75th minute.

Kaci — 5.5/10: Kaci also drifted in and out of the match, though she did get more involved toward the end of the first half. Kaci looked tired and in need of rest, which she hasn’t had much of this season. This was exemplified in the 43rd minute. She lost the ball and didn’t react or challenge to win it back. Instead, she stayed rooted to the spot where she lost it.

Jakobsson — 4.5/10: Jakobsson was played out of position as one of the two strikers. She was often tasked with beating two or more players and was isolated on the left. Jakobsson made the wrong decision in the final third almost every time she was in that position today. She always tried to dribble when a pass was the better option and she looked off open teammates to shoot when she was swarmed by the defense.

Marta Cardona — 5/10: Cardona faced a lot of the same issues that Jakobsson faced but did better to try to impact the match. She made good runs which were not found (primarily by Jakobsson and Carmona). Cardona also dropped into midfield at times to connect the midfield and the front line. She was kept under wraps but showed signs of life and moments of danger.


Yohana — N/A: She was tasked with making an early save after Misa’s red card but didn’t have much to do the rest of the match.

Marta Corredera — N/A: She came on in the 75th minute as the right winger. Corredera wasn’t very involved but the game was well out of hand by that time.

Claudio Florentino — N/A: Subbed on for Carmona in the 92nd minute.

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