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Brahim: “If I had to choose, I prefer playing in the middle rather than on the wings”

The Real Madrid loanee has become one of the most integral players at AC Milan while playa center attacking midfield role

Atalanta BC v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Sportinfoto/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Brahim has been a revelation for AC Milan this season. The club’s new number 10 has performed admirably as the starting central attacking midfielder. With 4 goals and 2 assists in just 9 appearances, the 22-year-old is adding end production to his multi-faceted game. In an interview with Italian outlet, ’La Pizarra de Quintana ’ Brahim spoke about his good form and aspirations for the future.

Best form of his young career: “I’m doing what I like the most, playing my football and having fun on the field. I’m very happy with how it started and I want to continue playing at a high level.”

Pioli’s faith: “When you have that continuity you feel more confident, even physically you feel better. It is very important. I have always believed in myself, and you have to continue to believe at this level in order to give an added dimension to the team.”

Role in Milan: “I like to receive the ball to feet, turn, and then face the opponent and create danger. I like to play between the lines, turn around and have that vision. Goals and assists come as a natural by-product and help make you more decisive. I’m trying to get to the box as often as possible.”

Goals for the season : “You have to be decisive and at the beginning of the season, always with work and humility. We have a pretty good team and I am a midfielder who likes to make his teammates better.”

Ambidextrous: “It’s something innate. Honestly, the only thing I remember is when I was four or five years old, I already had a ball on my foot. I liked to play alone, because I needed a ball just for myself. I have asked my family and they have told me that it [being ambidextrous] is something I have always had. As a child I had a coach who would put us in white and black socks, one was the strong foot and the other was the weaker foot, yet I did the same exercises with both feet”.

Prefer the center or the wings? : “In the middle, I feel more comfortable because you see more spaces. I have a good turn and the ability to handle both legs allows me to play on both sides. Having that ability gives me an advantage. If I have a choice, I prefer playing in the middle, but always where the coach puts me. “

Milan’s style : “The team is very good, very compact, we like to attack quickly and have the ball. We have a diverse game in which we can have the ball, but also plant ourselves in two or three touches in the opponent’s area. We have players with incredible speed and that makes my game easier. “

Relationship with Pioli : “Pioli is a very good coach. He has made me grow, he has helped me a lot in the game and his spirit in the dressing room, his passion for the game, fits very well with the players he has. There are only good words towards him. We are having a great start to the campaign and the last one was also very good. “

Calcio : “I love watching football and Calcio is one of the ones I watch. There are many talented footballers who make a difference. They are no longer teams that lock themselves in a deep block, but they will play aggressively man to man. Atalanta, for example, they mark the man all over the field, or even Hellas Verona, who now play quite aggressively. Football has changed for the better in Italy and talent can be seen and noticed, although it also has that more tactical part. I really like this football, I love it, I’m very comfortable here.“

Ibrahimovic : “The first time I stepped into the dressing room the first person I met was Ibra. Most already know how he is, but he is incredible because he helps all his teammates and demands the maximum from you. He is a leader on and off the field, and my relationship with him is very good. He loves my football and demands more of me because he says I have a lot of talent. He continues to make a difference and what else can be said about a footballer like Ibrahimovic.”

Scudetto objective : “We have started very well and the Scudetto is an objective, because we are Milan. We must go match by match and continue with this dynamic. Each one contributes their grain of sand, the group is very united. It is a very competitive league “.

Reaching the National Team : “It is a pride to represent your country, it is something unique. We have to keep working, continue as I am doing, for that opportunity to come.”

Real Madrid: ”Now I’m focused on Milan, which is a big club, and I can’t say much more. I wish them the best, because I’m here now.”

Strong relationship with Zidane: “Yes, it was a strong relationship. Zidane is a legend as a player and as a coach he has also been very good. The affection was mutual, we got along very well, and I know he liked my football. I worked to be able to have those minutes . I was very good with him and he with me too.

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