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Guti: “I enjoy watching Barcelona lose.”

Some quotes from Guti, Morientes, and Macca

Barcelona’s Portuguese Deco (L) is tackl Photo credit should read LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images

Several former La Liga players, who now act as La Liga ambassadors, were available to speak to the media on Friday and spoke about several different topics. Among the names, former Real Madrid players Fernando Morientes, Steve McManaman, and Guti spoke about Barcelona’s issues, the Balon D’or race.

Guti had some interesting quotes in particular. When asked about coaching Barcelona, he responded by saying, “Train Barça? Why not? Right now I’m free. You want to show that you have the wood to train.”

Perhaps the sarcasm was lost. In an interview with El Larguero the same day, Guti also clarified his stance. “I would never go to Barcelona,” Guti said. “They have a big mess. I enjoy watching Barcelona lose.”

“The most responsible for the situation of a team is always the coach. But throwing him out is not always the solution.”

“If Xavi trains as he played, he will be a great coach. But at Barça he still meets players with whom he cannot develop his style.”

Meanwhile, former Real Madrid striker Fernando Morientes gave his backing to Karim Benzema for the Balon D’or. “I give the Ballon d’Or to Benzema without any doubt,” Morientes said. “He has taken responsibility for Madrid after Cristiano’s departure and he is at a high level.”

Steve McManaman also chimed in on potential Real Madrid transfers.

“I know that Haaland and his father like Madrid, so we’ll see,” McManaman said.

“I think Bale is not going to retire when his contract with Madrid ends.”

“Mbappé to Madrid? Why not?”

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