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Player Ratings: Atletico Sanluqueño 3-1 Real Madrid Castilla

Castilla suffered another defeat on the road on Sunday and are now winless in their last four league matches. The result leaves them at risk of being left behind by the upper end of the table and of dropping into the bottom five, all of whom are relegated at the end of the season.

Here are the player ratings:

Toni Fuidas-4.5: The relatively soft penalty Toni gave away in his attempts to regain possession of the ball early in the first half probably demonstrates why he favors a more conservative approach to goalkeeping. Barring that mistake, it would be difficult to say Fuidas was completely culpable in the hosts other two goals.

Miguel Gutierrez-5.5: Atletico Sanluqueño managed Miguel really well in this game. Identifying him as an offensive fulcrum early on, the hosts regained easy possession by squeezing and intercepting Miguel’s passes on several occasions. Gutierrez never seemed to figure out how to escape that and had a quiet game as a result. He was subbed off in the second half

Rafa Marin-5.5: Not the first time I didn’t really pick up on what Marin was bringing defensively. Perhaps he’s a player that I need to pay more attention to, however, on a day that Castilla conceded three goals, you’d hope for your center backs to be busier.

Mario Gila-5.5: Again, you’d hope for more, particularly from a player of Gila’s caliber. Allowing the sort of space that opened up for the third goal will play on Gila’s mind this week.

Alvaro Carillo-5.5: Ball bounced off him for the second goal. Not a huge amount he could do about it in fairness, but disappointing that it was probably his defining contribution to the game.

Mario Martin-6: Defeats are never easy games to make your debut in, especially in one like this where Castilla’s midfield was so often pinched by a swarm of Atletico players when in possession. Nonetheless, the U-18s midfielder had a solid enough display, winning a handful of fouls and not making any unforgivable mistakes.

Carlos Dotor-6: Miles off the sort of shift he put in last week for Castilla, but not as discouraging as some of his other games this year (Albacete comes to mind). Dotor did join Sergio Arribas in the second half as the duo tried to cobble something from a bad game.

Sergio Arribas-7.5: Won and converted the penalty that gave Castilla something to build off in the second half. Had the team’s best chances to equalize and come back within one at 3-1 down. Arribas comfortably Castilla’s best player in this one.

Theo Zidane-5: Perhaps its harsh, but I don’t really see what Raul sees in Theo Zidane. I have been wrong about players (Hugo Vallejo and Lastasa comes to mind) but Zidane has been a pretty lacklustre addition to the matches he’s played. The winger is tall and awkward out wide and is yet to have a real standout performance for the reserves.

Juame Latasa-5: In spite of his injury, I probably expected more from Latasa than what we got on Sunday. Like Gudjohnsen before him, Latasa was quiet and isolated, two things one couldn’t have levelled against him usually.

Peter Federico-5: Didn’t have the sort of return to the wing he would of hoped for. In fairness to the youngster, Peter has done a lot of travelling this week. Since playing out the mini-Clasico, Peter has travelled with the reserves to play Shaktar in the Youth League and lined up in Cadiz to play his third match in just over a week. It’s a lot of minutes on young legs and perhaps that started to show here.


Oscar Aranda-6.5: Entered the game just before Atletico’s third goal. Had some bright moments, but the competition was really over by the time he got on the pitch.

Andri Gudjohnsen-6: Same as Aranda, entered the game at a difficult time, something which was reflected in his performance.

Alvaro Rodriguez -N/A: Played for the last 10 minutes

Juame Jardi-N/A: Played for the last 10 minutes.

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