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Open Thread: October 28, 2021

Your Thursday issue of the Karaoke Merengue!

Real Madrid Training Session
I guess that’s how I would look at Karim’s close control too
Photo by Antonio Villalba/Real Madrid via Getty Images

The Open Thread/Daily Merengue is a place where you can discuss anything and everything related to football. Feel free to discuss the topics presented here, or start your very own discussions! The Open thread will be posted every day by one of the mods you’d absolutely go bivouacking with (...not the dirty kind): Valyrian Steel, Felipejack, YoSnail, Ezek Ix or yours truly.

♫ Mmmbop, ba duba dop

Ba du bop, ba duba do ♫

I think you know what’s coming...




Hello Madridistas... YoSnail as host and retro DJ Nero on the decks... Welcome, again, to the Karaoke Merengue night! Here’s a... special message we got, regardin’ the much talked about Mbappe transfer:

* Clears throat * Ahem

(to the tune of “Just Like Jesse James” by Cher)

♫ Come on Paris you know there is nothing left to say

If you can give him

We can take him

‘Cause if this transfer’s gonna break it’s gonna take a lot to break it

I knowwwww this time

Somebody’s gonna win the fight

So if you’re a big club

Come on and prove it

The contract’s down for the count and you know you’re gonna lose it

This time you’re gonna go down in flames

Just like Jesse James ♫

Find the song reference to get the final lyric. When it’s found, I’ll complete it here too.

The above is obviously just banter. On a more serious note, the Mbappe saga has dragged on a lot. Hopefully, in due time, the clubs and the player will adopt a mature approach to allow it to end in satisfactory manner for all parties involved. Of course, Real Madrid’s fanbase will be hoping that we actually do get the club’s dream player, who has previously voiced his interest in wearing the Royal whites. It seems inevitable that we’ll be getting plenty of news and rumors about the potential move for the next few months.

Something you’ve head before

If you’re skeptical about Pogba’s fit at Real Madrid, Kiyan and Om released this video a while back (it’s part of a podcast actually), talking about it. Here’s the link. NoirMaisBlanc highly recommends it (shoutout to Vaseline for that awesome comment).

Ballon D’ Or Spoilers leak?

Remember back in 2018 when the rankings were leaked early and people knew that Modric would win? Well, it’s back! According to Marca, there’s been a similar leak and this time, the winner is said to be... * drums roll *... Lewandowski, ahead of Messi and Benzema. Time will tell if the spoilers are right on the money again. So, for the time being...

Have a nice day. Hey, tomorrow is Friday, so hang in there. May the Madridismo be with you too.

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