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Open Thread: October 6, 2021

Your Wednesday issue of the Daily Merengue!!

RCD Espanyol v Real Madrid CF - La Liga Santander
That, right there, is the look of a man on a mission.
Photo by Jose Breton/Pics Action/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The Open Thread/Daily Merengue is a place where you can discuss anything and everything related to football. Feel free to discuss the topics presented here, or start your very own discussions! The Open thread will be posted every day by one of those mods you’d absolutely love to go hiking with: Valyrian Steel, Felipejack, YoSnail, Ezek Ix or... yours truly.

Lots of whining in this one folks.

Regarding Madridistas on International Duty

First of all, in case you’re wondering about the games that some of our players will play for their national teams, the Managing Madrid crew has brought to you this schedule. Feel free to consult it in order to pick which games to watch.

Now, onto the news.

Asensio feeling ‘angry’; Wants to leave

No, I’m not kidding. According to Okdiario’s Eduard Inda, Asensio is furious due to his lack of minutes following the hat-trick against Mallorca. Due to that, he is considering leaving in the winter transfer window.

Drama Time

Tebas VS Perez Round ...

I don’t know, really. I’ve lost count. Tebas has once again taken aim at Florentino Perez. This has been happening pretty often and it’s obvious that the situation was made worse after Real Madrid rejected the CVC deal. Tebas had the following to say:

I have no doubt that if Florentino could, he would remove me from LaLiga presidency.

Without a doubt, Madrid would do better with another president.

Florentino doesn’t want La Liga to grow because if it happens, his Super League project falls.

I’m not fighting with (Joan) Laporta. Of him, and of Barca, there are critics, but the Florentino Perez theme is much more profound because he is absolutely wrong about what La Liga should be, while Barca are not profoundly ideologized.

The quotes were taken from Tribal Football and Football Espana. You can visit the links to read the articles with more of the stuff that Tebas said.

“That’s enough drama for a thread” is what you thought. And how wrong you were...

Kono Leonardo da!!!

This is another example of the lack of respect for PSG and for Mbappe

said Leonardo, in an interview with L’Equipe. He also added the following;

In fact, in the same week a Real Madrid player [Karim Benzema], then the Real Madrid coach [Carlo Ancelotti] and now the president [Florentino Perez] talk about Kylian as if he was already one of their own. I repeat: this is a lack of respect that we cannot tolerate.

People have all sorts of things to say about Real Madrid these days huh.

Here’s what Florentino Perez himself had to say.

Not sure if those relations can be considered good anymore or henceforth for that matter. Still, you have to wonder; Is the response by Leonardo even fitting given what’s been said?

Moving on... What do you think?

Nero Reminiscing... again


To Ronaldo. Can Ronaldo play his part?!

Ohhhh yes! They can’t stop him! Cristiano Ronaldo!”

By the way, that guy with the No 20 shirt in the picture above? Remember that baller? I sure do! ♫ Yo quiero que tu bailes ♫

♫ It was only juuust a dreaaaam ♫

Sorry, my artistic side is taking over again. Seriously, it’s like demonic possession or something. It wasn’t just a dream - It is a legend.

Have a great day Madridistas. May the madridismo be with you.

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