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Las Blancas Podcast: Esther Arriving vs. Valencia; The Abuse Spain’s WNT Suffered Under Ignacio Quereda (1988-2015)

Part I: Real Madrid Femenino 2-1 Valencia; Part II: 27 years of abuse in the Spain WNT.

Real Madrid: UEFA Women’s Champions League Portraits Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Today’s episode of Las Blancas Podcast comes in two parts:

Part I: Real Madrid Femenino’s 2-1 victory over Valencia

  • Why Misa, Ivana Andrés, and Athenea del Castillo were unavailable
  • Whether the back three could be David Aznar’s long-term solution
  • How Lucía Rodríguez looked at right center-back
  • The horrible weather conditions
  • Real Madrid’s lack of offensive organization
  • Maite Oroz helping Claudia Zornoza back to form
  • The unexploited potential of the 5-2-1-2
  • How to tell when tactics are non-existent
  • Some key adjustments that Esther González made on the night
  • “Mayte Oroz,” “Rokio,” Athenua,” “Tajón,” “Kenti Rodríguez,” “Piña”
  • Olga Carmona’s positive performance after suffering a horrendous challenge
  • Whether Las Blancas will ever learn how to defend set-pieces
  • The issues with our defensive structure
  • Grant’s praise for Rocío Gálvez

Part II: Romper el silencio — a comprehensive summary of the abuse Spain’s WNT endured under coach Ignacio (Nacho) Quereda from 1988-2015

  • Resources: the original documentary; the documentary with english subtitles; thread translating key quotes from the documentary into english; podcast on the mutiny at the 2015 World Cup
  • The key figures in this story
  • The delight Quereda took in belittling and insulting players
  • The culture of fear Quereda created
  • Quereda’s paternalism and sexism
  • Quereda’s bigotry towards Catalans
  • Quereda’s homophobia
  • Quereda’s extreme controlling behavior
  • Ex-RFEF president Ángel María Villar controlling players’ media appearances and what they could say
  • The complete lack of training and preparation for international competition
  • Players having to meet to decide the team’s tactics and do their own opposition scouting
  • The infamous images of Vicky Losada being berated into tears after being subbed off vs. South Korea in the 2015 World Cup
  • The sheer number of times the players tried to usher in change through the “proper channels”
  • The retaliation against the players who led the ousting of Quereda
  • Why the situation with the national team still stinks
  • Jorge Vilda’s decision to not make an appearance in the documentary
  • Vero Boquete being blown away at receiving water from her teams in leagues outside Spain
  • Vero’s and the players’ genuine heroism
  • The excess control that the RFEF currently has over players outside the national team setting
  • Some solutions to improve the current situation
  • Why comparing men’s football as a product to women’s football makes zero sense in light of all this info

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Hosts this week:

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Grant Little (@grantlittle09)

Las Blancas (@Las_Blancas)

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