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Butragueño: “The new Bernabeu will be a turning point for Real Madrid”

The club’s spokesperson talked in an interview with Telemadrid where he shared his thoughts about Real Madrid’s present and future.

LaLiga Champions Gala Red Carpet In Madrid Photo by Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

Former Real Madrid striker and now spokesperson Emilio Butragueño has talked in an interview with local TV station Telemadrid, where he reviewed the club’s present and also the future.

Butragueño explained how the renovations of the Santiago Bernabeu will help the club going forward.

“The new stadium is something that gets a lot of madridistas excited. All of us are looking forward for that moment to come because we believe that it will be something which will make our fans very proud. We understand that it will be a turning point for the club and that a new era will begin after its opening,” said Butragueño.

The club’s spokesperson was naturally asked about Vinicius, who has exploded and become a crucial player for the team ever since the season started.

“He has many good skills, he has great character and you need that to play at the Bernabeu. Talent, which he has, is not enough. He signed for us while he was very young and you need to understand what it means to go in front of 80,000 fans with our jersey. He showed great courage and you need that to play for Madrid. Then, you have his skills as a player. Such great acceleration, which is hard to find in the world of football. We’re witnessing amazing plays and he’s only 21 years old. We’re excited about him and what he can bring to the table. He’s one of the stars of our team right now, no question,” he added.

New signing David Alaba has also been one of the crucial members of the squad so far this year.

“It hasn’t been that surprising because we knew the kind of player he was. We’re talking about a big champion, he won everything for Bayern. He had an ability to adapt himself to this club in a short period of time. Maybe the way he is and the leadership he has helped him in this regard. He has become one of our own, he’s a great teammate and a great professional. We’re more than happy with him,” explained Butragueño.

The former attacker concluded his interview by praising Karim Benzema.

“It’s a joy to watch him play, great players are those who improve every play. You give the ball to Benzema and the play improves, he has so many tricks, his ability to play with his teammates and also natural talent inside the box. We’ve been so lucky to have him for 13 years and his performances have been exceptional. He’s also taken a big responsibility and a big role in recent years and he definitely answered the call. We think he’s a Real Madrid legend and we’re hoping to have him with us for many years to come,” added Butragueño.

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