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Aznar: “We want to take the ball from PSG & be the protagonists in possession.”

Quotes from Aznar and Esther from Real Madrid’s pre-match press conference vs. PSG.

Paris Saint-Germain v Real Madrid: Group B - UEFA Women’s Champions League Photo by Catherine Steenkeste/Getty Images

David Aznar and Esther González spoke to Managing Madrid and the press prior to Real Madrid’s second encounter vs. PSG in the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

Aznar on Real Madrid changing their approach:

Each team has its qualities. We are very clear in what we are good at, in what our game model is, in what we are better at in comparison to our rival. We couldn’t prove it there (away from home) because in the end we had very little possession of the ball. At home, we will try to take the ball away from PSG, to be protagonists in possession. With the ball, we feel much more comfortable, we generate much more danger, and it is one of the main objectives and challenges that we have set for ourselves tomorrow. Be protagonists with the ball and take it away from PSG.

Aznar on lessons learned:

It’s a different game, we start from scratch, we play at home with our fans. It is clear that we learned a lot from the game we played seven days ago. We have prepared for the game well and we want to give a different image. These matches help us to continue growing and to remind us that we have some ways to go. We are facing the current champion of France and one of the best teams in Europe and that is motivation for us. We are Real Madrid and we like these challenges. We are excited to play against the best. That is why we are in the group stages and in this type of match.

Aznar on Asllani’s potential return:

She is in a recovery period along with Cardona and we hope to have them soon. We have had a difficult last month due to injuries. It has diminished us a lot as a team. We have a team to compete in four competitions [when fit] and recovering players is very important,” he said.

Esther on Kheira Hamraoui and PSG’s off-field issues:

PSG have a great squad to compete regardless of what happened. We send our full support to Kheira.

Esther on her motivation to get a better result:

I’m going to do everything possible to help the team. For us it is important to play this type of game. We really want to see where we are after seven days, to change the image we gave in the prior match. We are in our house, in our stadium, and a lot of people are going to come to support us. We have worked and analyzed how the game was played there and how we want it to be here.

Esther on recovering from her injury:

After an injury the adaptation process is difficult, but we have come back to contribute. Hopefully tomorrow is a great day and the team is up to the task, regardless of whether I score or not, although that is always a motivation. I will do my best to help the team. We have learned a lot from what was done in Paris and we are all very united. It will be a different game and we will be able to pick up points.

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