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Ancelotti: “I don’t believe in ideologies like Guardiolismo, Sarrismo... I believe in the identity of the team”

The Italian spoke about his football philosophy, changes needed for football, Leonardo, and more.

FC Sheriff v Real Madrid: Group D - UEFA Champions League Photo by Alexander Hassenstein - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti spoke to Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport in what was a thorough and very interesting interview where the Italian spoke about the state of football and where it’s headed, his own tactical philosophies, his job security, and a lot more. Below are the more interesting quotes.

On the future of Real Madrid

“At Real, everything is the same and unchanging, the only thing that changes are the coaches. The same physiotherapists, the same warehousemen, the same journalists, the same vision — the same urgency for greatness despite the economic damage that the pandemic produced. In one year, at the end of December 2022, the new Bernabéu will be ready and Florentino has big plans for July. Florentino has very serious intentions. Haaland in addition to Mbappé? Let’s talk about it later.”

On the offer from Real Madrid to return

“The offer was a fantastic surprise, although I had never lost contact with the club. If it were up to me, I would stay for life, there is no better place for football and to live.”

On what needs to change in the football calendar

“Fewer games, I reiterate, and two stoppages for the national teams. I spoke with Wenger. The footballers, I am sure, would lower their salary if the calendar were cut, and the coaches the same. The idea of ​​the Super League was born from the demand for that change.

“Football must evolve quickly. The first thing is to reduce the games, it is played too much and badly — the quality of the show has dropped a lot. The players cannot take it anymore, there are those who refuse to go with the national team. Fatigue, injuries, games that end 10-0... Enough is enough.“

On PSG’s Leonardo, and his ‘lack of respect’ comments

“In other times I would have responded differently, but I am in a phase of life where I only want to be at peace with the world. I have been in football since 1977... Almost 46 years, and 30 as a trainer. I surpassed 1,200 games, I lost count. I don’t have time or desire to fight. When Florentino wants to kick me out, I won’t get angry.”

On his personal football philosophy, and how it differs to other coaches

“A clever coach is one who adapts the game to the characteristics of his players. He would be an idiot if, with a forward like Vinicius, who has a motorcycle under his feet, he did not bet on the counterattack. Another example: if I have Cristiano, I look for a way to get the ball to him often, I don’t ask him to go back. The same with Ibra. There are two types of players: those who make a difference and those who must run. I don’t believe in ideologies like Guardiolismo, Sarrismo... I believe in the identity of the team.“

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