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VINICIUS THREAD: November 4th, 2021

Vinicius Henry With The Assists!

Vini’s Time

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Thank God nobody is talking about Chiesa, who was suppsoed to be the next ronaldo according to some Juve fans. Vini continues to hit stride with consistent match wining performances despite his recent exclusion from the Brazilian National Team. During the Elche math, he bagged 2 goals and now against Shaktar, he’s bagged 2 assists. Back to back. But that’s not all Vinicius is about.

At 21, he’s become a tireless presser off the ball (which led to the first goal), not to mention that he does more than his fair share of his defensive due diligence that the game now demands more of from wingers. Adding to the balance of the team. So no left back is left behind with Vinicius in front of them. Coupled with his unlimited bursts of energy and pace that keeps him shuttling back and forth the pitch for 90 minutes. Coupled with his ability to drive the ball up the pitch and into the box fearlessly. Regardless of how many defenders are in front of him. And in the midst of that, he also has a mind to look for his teammates in the box to play them in. Selfishness is good sometimes in front of goal, but other times, a simple pass would yield same result. You can’t teach players confidence, neither can you teach players power. Either they’re born with it and it’s nurtured into excellence or they simply just don’t have it.

Despite our club opting to go and buy hazard, who plays same position. And many saying that Vini had regressed a little bit at some points during last season. But Vini’s ‘Never Say Die’ attitude has seen him continue to take his chances and turn them into gold for his team. From being the guy that benzema didn’t want to pass to cuz of his youthful errors, to now forming one of the most formidablle duos (I call them InVinZeble) in world football. A duo that makes our right flank non-existent for large parts of the game.

We could be on the verge of witnessing the complete forward who attacks, defends, is strong, fast, technically gifted and can play his teammates in if needed.

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