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Sevilla Atletico 1-1 Real Madrid Castilla: Player Ratings

Real Madrid Castilla v Talavera de la Reina - Segunda Division B Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Real Madrid Castilla’s first of two games in Seville ended 1-1 with Ivan Morante’s opener cancelled out by Pablo Perez equalizer. It’s a credible but difficult draw to take as Castilla played well enough to win the match - the story of their season so far. Here are the player ratings.

Luis Lopez - 5.5 The big shadow over Lopez’s performance on Sunday is if he should of caught the ball or not. On one hand it was a good shot and, in your own box, one would hope luck smiles and the ball bounces into the feet of one of your teammates. On the other, the ball was shot from a pretty tight angle and one would of expected a keeper of Lopez’s standard to be able to better deal with a chance like that.

Miguel Gutierrez - 6: Miguel was quiet, which for regular Castilla watchers is perhaps not that much of a surprise. Gutierrez is capable of lighting up this stage on form, but it’s not very consistent like the senior side has enjoyed.

Rafa Marin - 7: Matched his defensive partner at times and looked strong when challenged in the area. Just short of Gila’s defensive efforts but a good game nonetheless.

Mario Gila - 7.5: Some key interceptions at the start of the second half when Sevilla Atletico came on strong looking for an equalizer. A strong performance after some hit or miss games from Gila.

Pablo Ramon -6: Pablo hasn’t really caught my eye since returning from injury. He’s better suited to a more central defensive role and this compromise of playing him on wider doesn’t really seem to be doing much for him.

Ivan Morante - 7.5: Morante may play in defensive positions, but he has a good offensive eye as well. He demonstrated in burst last year and out on the pitch today with his run and finish to put Castilla in front. His performance was a bit muted after the goal, but what more can you ask of a player when he puts you in front?

Antonio Blanco - 7.5: Had a really strong second half defensively and helped Castilla win possession back a lot when they were searching for a winner.

Sergio Arribas - 8.5: Assisted Morante with a lovely cross, but really stole the show with his ability to beat players in possession with his dribbling, a asset that led to him being denied a clear penalty in the second half.

Carlos Dotor - 7: Some lineups had Dotor line up out wide, but he seemed to join Morante and Blanco in the center. he was a really good two way force - a role that Dotor really excels at. It’s good to see him back to some form of his best after a difficult start to the year.

Peter Federico -6: Disappointing for a usually electric player. He did play midweek against Inter so perhaps fatigue played a role.

Juan Latasa -6.5: Ran for days and dragged defenders away for the first goal. Outside of that, had pretty limited involvement in affairs.


Mario Martin -N/A: Mario was on for a bit, but was sent off. Footters didn’t replay what exactly he was sent off for so I can’t make any solid judgement on his performance.

Juame Jardi - N/A: Nothing of note from Jardi

David Gonzalez -N/A: Practically played four minutes or less.

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