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Cadiz player Alejo speaks on Casemiro challenge from Sunday

The Cadiz winger talks about the yellow card given to Casemiro

Real Madrid CF v Cadiz CF - La Liga Santander Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Cadiz forward Ivan Alejo spoke about the Casemiro tackle in the first half after the 0-0 draw on Sunday in an interview with El Chiringuito.

“At the moment I get very scared because the contact was so high. I thought I was going to expel him, and when I saw the yellow [card] I assumed that it would be checked with VAR. I understand that it is the Bernabéu, that it is Casemiro, that many times we already know that they forgive him many cards...but hey, it’s football and I don’t hold a grudge.”

“I understand that it is not the same to get a red to Madrid than to Cadiz. It is difficult for them to whistle in such a scenario, the pressure is complicated, and perhaps if it had been the other way around it would have been of another color. I don’t feel like polemics...”

Alejo is speaking about a tackle around the 30-minute mark in yesterday’s match. Casemiro made a challenge from behind that was not given a straight red, but a yellow card. Alejo also said “If he gets me, I’m six months injured and he continues to play.”