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Player Ratings: Real Madrid Castilla 1-2 CD Castellon

Two losses on the trot.

I was looking forward to this game. Real Madrid Femenino picked up a win yesterday, so did the first team. I would’ve really loved to see Castilla take a win as well, but it is what it is. Castilla lost at home, this time against CD Castellon.

Raul’s men were better for the majority of the game, and on any other day, I’d say they deserved a win here. But, I don’t really think they did. How you play overall doesn’t matter if you keep doing weird giveaways or making big mistakes while defending and don’t finish your chances in the offense. Castellon usually sat back and let Castilla do their thing, but then waited for the home team to make a mistake and capitalize on it. Raul’s men play two games on the road after this, and they need to make things right, as they now sit in 12th place.

Luis Lopez-4: Not a great game from Lopez. Right off the bat, he made a horrible mistake in the first minute that resulted in a goal. Castilla’s confidence would’ve definitely been hampered as they were chasing the game seconds after it had started. Could’ve done a bit more in the second goal as well, but it wasn’t really his fault.

Pablo Ramon-4.5: Ramon didn’t have a fantastic game, either. He just looked out of the loop. Ramon wasn’t involved much in Castilla’s build-up play, and was just, there. The Spaniard should’ve closed his man down in the first goal, and could’ve also done better in transition during the build-up of the second goal.

Mario Gila-5: Now, I’d say Gila deserves part of the blame for the second goal, but the thing is, it was a collective failure. Every single player in that zone had a job to do and none of them did it, and it includes Gila. Apart from that, he was fine. He had a few interventions in the first half, and was good on the ball. That’s really it.

Rafa Marin-5.5: Marin was the more aggressive centre-back out of the two against Castellon. He made gambles but most of them were successful. He was good with the ball, but again, like the rest of the defense, his positioning was poor during the second goal. In fact, he just looked to be in no man’s land at that time, because he wasn’t contributing to anything. Marin wasn’t covering anyone, he wasn’t closing down the shot-taker, he didn’t really do anything.

Miguel Gutierrez-7.5: By far, the best defender on the pitch for Castilla. One of the best players in general. He was just so impressive in the offense, and caused danger to Castellon’s defense each time he got the ball. His crossing was on point as always, but the way he created space for himself was fun to watch. Could’ve been better in transition defense, as he sometimes took his time in coming back from the attacking third. Great game, though.

Antonio Blanco-6: An alright game from the captain. I feel like the midfielders today — exception of Carlos Dotor — just tried to play it too safe, and Blanco didn’t use his vision as well as he could’ve. He didn’t take risks, and he just played it to the safe option except for trying to make something happen. He did pass the ball well enough, though, and had a couple of pretty nice touches and dribbles. Was OK on the defensive end. Nothing other-worldly. Oh, and he got ‘megged in the build-up to the second goal. Cool.

Ivan Morante-5: Nothing really worth noting from Morante. He had a couple of defensive interventions and a few good passes, but I actually don’t remember anything that stood out.

Carlos Dotor-6.5: Dotor was probably the best midfielder out of the three that started. He was involved on both ends of the pitch and had a couple of really good chances that could’ve ended up in the back of the net. Dotor created for others as well, and linked up with the wingers quite well. Nothing incredible, but nothing bad at all.

Peter Gonzalez-8: The best player on the pitch for Castilla. Almost everything good came from his side, and he showed once again why he’s so highly regarded by fans. Peter was excellent. He had the assist to Latasa’s goal, and created so many chances for his teammates that simply should’ve resulted in goals. Peter also crossed the ball onto the crossbar once, which was alright. But yeah, he was great.

Sergio Arribas-6.5 Arribas also had a pretty decent game. Well, I’d say he had a good first half, but then a mediocre second half. He had a pretty good run from the right towards the box and took a great shot which was saved. He looked to create chances in the first half, and was well-positioned for a counter-press should Castilla ever lose the ball. In the second half, Arribas had a chance that honestly, he could've done better with. But, otherwise was almost invisible, which is never a good thing.

Juanmi Latasa-7: Apart from the goal that he scored, I would say he didn’t have as big of an impact as he would’ve liked. Latasa linked up with the rest of the forward line and got himself in good positions to shoot the ball, but either the shot was too bad or Latasa never really received the ball. He had a couple of decent headers, that’s really it. Good pressing, though.


Oscar Aranda-N/A: Honestly, I feel a bit bad for Aranda. He was subbed on in the 55th minute, with all eyes on him to make an impact on the game. Instead, he was taken out of the game 29 minutes later. It’s always weird to see a substitute get replaced, but, Raul doesn’t seem to think that way. Aranda was largely ineffective, so I don’t blame the coach either, but you know what I mean, right?

Sergio Santos-4: Terrible game from Santos. Maybe I am being a bit harsh on him, maybe I am not. Most of his passes or crosses were overhit, and he killed a lot of Castilla’s attacks. Actually, I don't think I’m being harsh. Santos was the worst-performing substitute today. Raul wouldn’t agree with me, though.

Andri Gudjohnsen-N/A: Nothing noteworthy from Gudjohnsen.

Mario Martin-N/A: Nothing noteworthy from Martin.

Juame Jardi-N/A: Nothing noteworthy from Jardi.

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