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Real Madrid might face a tough decision in pursuing Mbappe-AS

Another Mbappe saga update has come quickly

UEFA Champions League”Real Madrid v Paris Saint-Germain”

Another edition in the Mbappe transfer/contract saga is here as Real Madrid may have to make a tough decision regarding the lineup should he join in the near future, according to an article from AS.

The article says that Real may have to consider selling Eden Hazard because he and Mbappe would be playing the same position. Under head coach Mauricio Pochettino this season, Mbappe has featured primarily on the left wing as Hazard does when he plays.

This could create a conflict because, as the article assumes, Mbappe has said he prefers to play on the left and does not like playing on the right wing. AS also says PSG are unlikely to let Mbappe’s contract run out in 2022 so he can join on a free, so Real most likely must be able to fund a transfer if they want him.

There’s a lot to digest from this article and there’s a lot of assumptions being made. It assumes that Real will do everything it can in order to please Mbappe, which includes continuing his play on the left wing. Real would likely find a way to compromise to keep as many parties involved pleased as possible.

Not to say that Real wouldn’t consider selling Hazard, but they are unlikely to get an equal value return of investment on him given his poor run of injuries and his age. He’s probably more than likely to stay than others because of current transfer value and I personally don’t see them giving up on him.

It is much too soon to start talking about how a potential Mbappe transfer could affect other stars on the team. The article says that Real’s plan is to have the Frenchman lead the club for the next 10 years, but even that seems like an assumption.

As we saw yesterday, PSG is reportedly making good progress on a contract renewal with Mbappe. That doesn’t mean they won’t sell him in the future, but it could mean that Real Madrid really don’t have to worry about this potential problem AS poses at least for the time being.

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