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Las Blancas Podcast: Real Madrid Femenino 3 - 1 Valencia

Kosovare Asllani’s hat-trick, the 4-4-2 diamond, and good vibes.

Real Madrid v Valencia - Primera Iberdrola Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images

On this episode of Las Blancas Podcast, Om Arvind and Grant Little discuss:

  • Summing up the Saturday Primera Iberdrola action and how it’s affected the race for the Champions League spots
  • Thoughts on the starting lineup and 4-4-2 diamond formation
  • Real Madrid Femenino’s bright start to the half
  • How the 4-4-2 diamond helped Madrid’s ball progression and high pressing
  • Why Marta Cardona and Marta Corredera limited the effectiveness of the team in the first half
  • Is the diamond the long-term solution for Las Blancas?
  • Maite Oroz’s performance as a #10
  • Reactions to David Aznar’s substitutions and change to a flat 4-4-2
  • Why the double pivot made it harder for Madrid to resist the press
  • How Real’s high press caused their first goal
  • Kosovare Asllani and Cristiano Ronaldo on free kicks
  • Ivana Andrés’ ‘defensive playmaking’ on the second goal
  • Asllani going into the Avatar state
  • How Aznar’s adjustments directly created the third goal
  • Why Asllani is best as a #10/second striker
  • On what it means to watch the history of the women’s side unfold in real time
  • Real Madrid Femenino being a source of genuine joy in a tough time for Madridistas
  • The significance of Asllani’s unbelievable hat-trick
  • The negatives of Ivana’s ‘defensive playmaking’ on Valencia’s consolation goal
  • Just good vibes
  • And much more

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Hosts this week:

Om Arvind (@OmVAsports)

Grant Little (@grantlittle09)

Las Blancas (@Las_Blancas)

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