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Player Ratings: Real Madrid Femenino 1 - 1 Real Betis

A frustrating, error-filled day for Las Blancas.

Real Madrid V Real Betis Balompie - Primera Division Femenina Photo by Irina R. Hipolito / Europa Press Sports via Getty Images

Real Madrid Femenino missed a massive opportunity to move second in the Primera Iberdrola rankings after recording a 1-1 scoreline against Real Betis.


In a frankly poor performance, many of Madrid’s more reliable players committed a number of errors and the team struggled to create dangerous sequences — let alone shots on target.

Player Ratings

Starting XI

GK | Misa: Rating — 5/10

Real Betis pressed high on goal kicks and Misa was largely inaccurate with her long distribution and seemed to be lacking focus in the first half, miscontrolling a harmless 45-yard shot attempt and conceding a corner. In a potentially more dangerous moment, Misa failed to get a handle on a Dorine Chuigoué header from a set-piece, allowing Andrea Medina to put the ball into the back of the net. Luckily, the goal was ruled out for offsides.

Misa redeemed herself somewhat after the break, saving a header off of another set-piece in the 70th minute, before preventing a 1v1 from materializing in the dying minutes with her patented sweeper-keeping action.

RB | Marta Corredera: Rating — 4/10

Corredera has struggled with her progressive passing efficiency all year, but has been given lenience for her unsuitability to a left back role. Thus, there were high expectations for her in her natural position on the other flank vs. Betis, but she underwhelmed. Her forward passing was extremely sloppy in the early going and she was a liability defensively. She repeatedly lost track of Chuigoué on free-kicks, even trying to pass off that assignment to someone else in a sequence that resulted in the offsides goal Misa fumbled.

Corredera’s one positive moment came at the end of the first half, when she delivered a good cross from space that Kosovare Asllani headed wide.

Corredera was subbed off for Kenti Robles in the 61st minute.

RCB | Claudia Florentino: Rating — 5.5/10

Claudia Florentino was typically adventurous with her ball carrying actions, seeking to beat pressure and attract defensive attention before finding an open teammate. Though she did have the rare giveaway, Claudia was largely a positive in possession while rarely being challenged defensively.

The one time she did have to react to a threat, she was slow, failing to come out to check goal scorer Aixa Salvador once the Betis #8 got free of Maite and Teresa.

Claudia departed the pitch at the same time as Corredera for Babett Peter.

LCB | Ivana Andrés: Rating — 6/10

Ivana largely had a clean game both with and without the ball, even managing to get a shot off from a corner in the early goings of the second half. She was also absolutely critical in stopping a cross in the 75th minute, which ultimately ended up sparking a counter and leading to a goal for her side.

However, she also made a big mistake in the 45th minute on a chaotic defensive sequence on the flank. Uncharacteristically, she misjudged when to step up and abandoned the left channel, allowing Angela Sosa to burst through the gap. Had Rosa Márquez not completely mishit her resulting point blank shot, Ivana’s mistake would’ve resulted in a goal.

Additionally, Ivana lost out on a duel with Mari Paz Vilas on the Betis goal, though the Madrid center-back may have been fouled.

LB | Olga Carmona: Rating — 6/10

Olga was one of the game’s few offensive bright spots. She tried to initiate combinations with Jakobsson, play vertical passes, and break down Betis’ block at speed, but didn’t see enough of the ball. She got back into proceedings after Madrid equalized and always looked like one of the more likely individuals to create the winner.

Nevertheless, she did come up short defensively on Betis’ goal, having been drawn out of position to press Márquez after her teammates failed to handle the Betis attacker. The space Olga left behind was never properly filled and the away side were able to progress down that side to create their goal. Having said that, Olga was pulled forward by a broken defensive sequence and there were opportunities for other players to cover her as she did her for teammates, so it’s hard to pin too much of the blame on the young Spaniard.

DM | Maite Oroz: Rating — 5.5/10

I’m not sure what was up with Maite today. She had her classic moments of quality on and against the ball alongside some truly bizarre moments under pressure. Her possession loss in the 75th minute, which created an extremely dangerous counter for Betis, was emblematic of her inexplicable lack of attentiveness as the team’s primary conduit in build-up.

RCM | Aurélie Kaci: Rating — 6/10

Kaci was more or less a passenger in this game. She had a few decent passes down the line to Cardona and was active on defense but had little overall impact.

She came off for Thaisa in the 67th minute.

LCM | Teresa Abelleira: Rating — 5/10

Teresa was even sloppier than Maite in the opening stages and failed to make her influence felt higher up the pitch. Teresa’s pressing as the central midfielder stepping up was solid and she did execute the pass to Asllani on the goal-creating sequence, but her delivery was actually underhit and made the Swede’s work more difficult than it needed to be.

RW | Marta Cardona: Rating — 6.5/10

Cardona was similar to Olga in terms of her positivity on the ball, finding Maite on the underlap in the 44th minute to set up the Corredera cross that was Madrid’s best open play chance of the game. Despite this, Cardona couldn’t take the game by the scruff of the neck and rarely found favorable 1v1 situations to capitalize on. She still did have some impact, controlling a Thaisa pass excellently and switching play to set up Teresa’s ball to Asllani on the underlap.

LW | Sofia Jakobsson: Rating — 6/10

Jakobsson was fairly inconsistent with her actions throughout the game. In one moment, she would put in a good cross or cut inside to attempt a shot. In another, she would needlessly concede possession. This wasn’t the game Madrid needed from one of their more decisive players in a context where a number of other key contributors were struggling.

ST | Kosovare Asllani: Rating — 6.5/10

Asllani was a ghost for the majority of the match, rarely getting touches and sending a header wide late in the first forty-five minutes. Her involvement completely flipped after her side went down a goal and she was instrumental in getting Madrid back into the game. She had good synergy with substitute Thaisa and made a crucial underlapping run to receive the ball from Teresa in the 75th minute. From there, she did well to get to the byline and force a cross that clearly made contact with a defender’s hand. Asllani then cooly made it 1-1 from the spot.


RB | Kenti Robles: Rating — 5.5/10

Replaced Corredera in the 61st minute but didn’t provide the expected boost in offensive quality. Instead, she mimicked her counterpart’s suspect defending on free-kicks, allowing Mari Paz Vilas to get open and force Misa into a save.

LCB | Babett Peter: Rating — 6/10

Came on for Claudia Florentino in the 61st minute and swapped sides with Ivana.

Was a downgrade from Claudia in terms of distribution due to unnecessary balls into the channel. To make up for it, she produced a brilliant tackle to save Maite’s blushes on the aforementioned sequence that eventually led to Madrid’s penalty.

RCM | Thaisa: Rating — 7/10

Subbed on for Kaci in the 67th minute, Thaisa instantly manufactured some good vertical passes and looked to find runners. Her lofted ball to Cardona on the penalty-winning possession chain was class.

ST | Lorena Navarro: Rating — 6.5/10

Came on for Teresa in the 84th minute and nearly made a rapid impact with an overhead kick off of a Jakobsson cross. Lorena’s pass found Asllani, who forced Betis into a desperate, last-ditch clearance.

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