We are ultimately the Loser

This year the La Liga Champion will be Barcelona and the winner of Championship will be someone else, not us. Thus we will be trophy less. But what we (the Real Madrid) did to come to this end:

The first strategic mistake:

We have undertaken several projects together this year though we know that this a pandemic year where nothing is happening as expected/planned and everybody/every business in the world is shattered by the wave of total uncertainties. Some of our projects are Renovation of Stadium; Making a totally depleted team either by selling all the young players who could be our future or by sending them to loan; Associating us to the Super League and many others. Due to all these initiatives, the revenue of Real Madrid is totally under threat and is expected to have a big loss; morale of our players will be very low due to lack of winning of any trophy; and hugely aged team will bring serious fatigue due to continuous rolling.

Second Strategic Mistake:

There is no innovation at all in the team. I know that football is not a highly intelligent game or a rocket science. Even most of the players are not that educated. Is it requires hundreds of scientist to manage a football club like Apple? Not at all. But look at Barcelona and what is the average age of their players? And how they are shifting the dynamics from aged players to young players? And how they are trying to make the business profitable? But we are still the morons who are playing with aged players like Marcelo who cannot even roll his body now-a-day. As our President is a highly aged personality; so we are! Thus, Real Madrid will be a team of aged players and we can welcome all the aged players in the world to play in our beloved club now.

Third Strategic Mistake:

Buying several players with very high price like Euro 55-60 million from Brazil in the same year where there were several players with low cost in Europe at that time. Who has promoted this idea that only the Brazilians are the world’s best players? Many of the players are not physically that strong though the present day football demands huge physical mobility. From my experiences of buying stocks from the stock market, I could learn one lesson that do not invest all your cash in one day. Keep some cash for tomorrow since tomorrow is a different day and there could be a totally changed dynamics.

Also buying of Hazard was a total hazardous mistake. I had recommended not to buy him in one of my earlier articles while there was discussion on him. Before buying a player we need to analyze carefully the injury histories of the player. I am not illuminating that there is a guarantee of no injuries even after procuring a player. Hazard was having systemic injuries even while we brought him. Now his output is totally zero. What a fool investment! In all cases, I could realized that we are buying all the players with atleast twice the price where many other European teams like Dortmund is buying atleast half of our price.


All these above mistakes will now give us very minimum revenue this year, low morale of the players due to lack of trophies, low fan base, low international and national recognitions, lack of fund for any future investment and many others. We have to understand that this world is a totally changed world. Here only constant is change and only certainty is uncertainty. Even the most smart business people are obsolete in this new world. Can we expect shifting of dynamics?