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“Misma Pasión”: Players & Clubs Rally Around Real Madrid Femenino Goalkeeper Misa After She Deletes Celebration Tweet Due To Misogynistic Abuse

Misa deleted a post comparing her celebration vs. Atlético Madrid to Asensio’s vs. Liverpool, but was soon backed up by her teammates and a number of clubs.

Atletico de Madrid v Real Madrid - Primera Iberdrola Photo by Jose Breton/Pics Action/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Social media can be a tough place for elite athletes. One poor performance, one mistake, or even a great display can provoke a deluge of insults and threats from fans and cruel memes from trolls. For female athletes, it often takes less than that.

Take Real Madrid Femenino goalkeeper Misa Rodríguez, who celebrated the men’s team’s triumph over Liverpool with these pictures:

The left image shows Marco Asensio celebrating after chipping and scoring on Alisson and the right photo shows Misa screaming in joy after Las Blancas recorded their first ever derby win over Atlético Madrid.

Misa was immediately assaulted by a wave of misogynistic abuse and quickly deleted the tweet.

This is something women in sport — athletes and fans — deal with on a daily basis for daring to comment or exist in a world that is often seen as the sole purview of men. It’s such a regular occurrence that it often goes unmentioned, chalked up as merely another side effect of being a woman in a man’s world.

Except, this time, it didn’t.

Asensio started it off:

Esteban Granero and Marcelo soon followed:

And then everyone chimed in:

The Managing Madrid team expresses our full support for Misa Rodríguez and the entire Real Madrid Femenino squad and denounces the sexism she faces and the misogyny that plagues this sport. We are incredibly proud of what Misa and her teammates have been able to accomplish so far this season, sitting in a Champions League qualification spot in only their first official season with the Madrid crest. They are a credit to this club and our hunger for maximum success.

Misa, your passion is the same as any man’s and, thus, it deserves the same respect. #Mismapasión.

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