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Karim Benzema: “I believe in Vinicius — sometimes I am hard on him, but it’s for his benefit”

The Frenchman implements a tough-love philosophy with the young Brazilian

ESP: Real Madrid-Elche CF. La Liga Santander. Photo by Ruben Albarran / Pressinphoto / Icon Sport

Karim Benzema and Vinicius JR, a relationship between two top flight professionals that has always provided shades of a big brother-younger brother dynamic. The Frenchman indicated that the relationship was exactly that with his comments to La Liga two days before El Clasico.

“Vini is a very young player. I believe in him because he has everything needed to triumph here,” the Frenchman revealed. “For that reason, I talk with him a lot. I talk to him a lot both on the field and off the field. At times, I can be a little tough with him, but it’s for his benefit. I know that he can give more and because he can be a phenomenon when he wants.”

Benzema’s comments show his admiration and respect for the young Brazilian. He believes in Vinicius’s potential, which means he will always push the player to be his best. Despite suggestions that Benzema discredits Vinicius JR’s quality after the Borussia Mochengladbach match in Germany, where Benzema was caught on camera telling Mendy not to pass to the Brazilian, the opposite has been proven true. With Vini scoring two goals against Liverpool in a decisive quarter-final match, Benzema will have likely looked on like a proud big brother.

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