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Butragueño: “Similar plays happened the other way and the decisions were different”

Real Madrid’s spokesperson Emilio Butragueño talked to the media after the controversial 2-2 draw against Sevilla.

Real Madrid v Athletic Club - Supercopa de Espana Semi Final Photo by Fran Santiago/Getty Images

Real Madrid spokesperson Emilio Butragueño talked to Movistar+ immediately after the final whistle of the team’s controversial 2-2 draw against Sevilla this Sunday. The referee had called a penalty for Real Madrid when the game was 1-1 but VAR changed the decision and awarded Sevilla a penalty on the previous play instead after a handball by Eder Militao.

It looked as if Militao couldn’t even see the ball while he was in the air, yet the referee decided to call a penalty.

“We aren’t lucky in those plays, we’ve had similar plays happening the other way around and unluckily the decision went against us again today. It’s a decisive and crucial decision because if it wasn’t called a penalty, we would’ve been taking a penalty instead. Very similar plays have happened this season where we could’ve been shooting a penalty but the decisions were different, we’re a bit worried,” said Butragueño.

His whole interview was about that particular play, and Butragueño offered some more thoughts.

“We have to put into context what this game meant to us, we basically had the game in our hands after scoring the equalizer and the penalty on Benzema. Militao doesn’t see the ball, it’s clear. Furthermore, there’s not a single Sevilla player who is going to shoot behind him, the ball was going to Miguel Gutierrez and he was going to clear it, it’s not a clear scoring opportunity. It’s a crucial decision and one which could very well decide La Liga title. That’s why we say that similar plays have happened. We weren’t lucky tonight either,” he added.

Butragueño also said that the team will not write a formal complaint about the call, saying that they will “prepare for the three games still to be played.”

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