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Open Thread: May 15, 2021

Another issue of the Daily Merengue!

Looks about done with us :(
The Silent Captain

The Open Thread/Daily Merengue is a place where you can discuss anything and everything related to football. Feel free to discuss the topics presented here, or start your very own discussions! The Open thread will be posted every day by one of the mods: Valyrian Steel, Felipejack, YoSnail, Ezek Ix or NeRObutBlanco


Raphael Varane to Man Utd rumors are picking up steam again. And one of the disappointing things about this are the price quotes i’m seeing. Although i wouldn’t sell Varane ever but Varane IMO is a no less than 100+ MIL defender. But i’m seeing crap that ranges from 70-40 million for him. These numbers are way too low, covid market or not.


Disney/ESPN have just announced a new deal for La Liga’s TV rights. ESPN+ will now stream plenty La Liga games. This is good news as the deal is worth $1.4 billion. $175 million to be paid out annually. ESPN will also setup programs around the league to better market, promote and attract more viewers across the U.S. All of this starts next season. La Liga is still available on BEIN Sports in the U.S. We’re getting closer to the day where Sevilla Vs Atletico is a big deal outside of Spain as it should be. Good work from Tebas and co.


Gather round brethren, let me tell you a story of time’s past:

Once upon a time, our performances were a dime. Golfing wasn’t a crime and scoring didn’t take time. Then Ronaldo left, our attack became effed. The struggle was real and after every match, i think i need a pill. Midfield is old, a story long told. Our back is strong, but something still feels wrong. Vinicius is now our hero, very good he takes us one away from zero.


AS are reporting that Alaba will earn the same wages as Ramos. 12 Mil net. Ramos is as good as gone and my assumption is he’ll be wearing a PSG jersey soon. So that frees up the space for Alaba’s wages.


All the roads seem pointing to him leaving at the end of the season because if he was staying, he would’ve signed a contract extension last year. His current deal is up June next year.


Word on the street is Marco Asensio could be on the way out. Highly doubtful with too many unreliable sources to quote. If he was to leave, how much would he go for?


Toni Kroos is in isolation due to COVID protocols. Zidane denies training ground spat with Marcelo and cites injury as reason for Marcelo being left off the squad list for Granada. Check out the MM podcast and mailbag.

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