Sanitas is the single biggest issue for Real Madrid

Real Madrid signed with Sanitas 15 years ago because they wanted a cutting edge medical team to help keep their team in tip top condition. In the Real Madrid website they describe themselves as "a specialist in health and wellness services in Spain. It offers its clients products and services adapted to the real needs of people at every stage of their lives through a comprehensive health model that includes: medical insurance, hospitals and multi-specialty centers, wellness centers, dental clinics, other services health and elder care services." Well we know that's all bullshit, we have the worst injury record in La Liga we have more injuries than teams with less than 1/3 of our annual budget and that's unacceptable especially with a club of our stature.

Spanish outlet Marca have investigated that Real Madrid have now received 41 different injuries this season and a number of these are reoccurring muscle problems. 30 of the 41 are said to be muscular with the remaining 11 traumatic issues. A total of 146 games have been lost in total by players just this season which goes some way to explain the poor form of the side and their lack of consistency. The report that breaks Zidane is worrying . Madrid has suffered 41 injuries so far this season, 30 muscular and 11 traumatic (five Covid positives aside), 20 players have gone through the infirmary , the days off between all of them shoots up to 823 and there are already 146 games those who have been lost . And all this at the key moment of the season.

So in conclusion I believe its clear to me that we need to get out of this toxic relationship with Sanitas even Lucas of Managing Madrid rang the alarm bells back in 2011 about how terrible Sanitas was so when our deal with Sanitas ends in 2021 we must get a brand new medical team that has a proven track record and can actually keep the number of injuries down to an acceptable level.