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Here’s your off-season Managing Madrid Podcast schedule!

Who needs a break anyway?

We concluded our final post-game podcast of the season last week for the men’s team — but our quest to provide you with as much value as possible doesn’t stop there.

A few weeks ago, we put out a call to our Patrons to see what they’d like to see this summer, and the responses were many, and they were all great. Many suggested we take a break. How kind, but we are, in fact, psychopaths. After going through all of your suggestions, we’re proud to announce that we’ll be doing at the very minimum three podcasts per week, and that all starts now. In addition to covering every single Real Madrid player (including the ones on loan) during the Euros and Copa on the website, we’ll do it in podcast form too, involving virtually the whole Managing Madrid team.

Here is our schedule below, and again, this will be our schedule at the very minimum, with plenty of bonus shows being inevitable.

Weekends: Historical segment + Las Blancas Podcast + International break roundup (FREE)

Tuesdays: Recap of international duty involving Madridistas (EXCLUSIVELY ON PATREON)

Thursdays: Recap of international duty involving Madridistas (EXCLUSIVELY ON PATREON)

We’ll likely throw in historical segments, mailbags, and transfer news on any weeks that don’t involve international duty, and as always is the case with us, we’ll be on call for emergency podcasts in the event of an emergency happening.

We’ll also be covering the Spanish national team in scrutiny both on the website, and on our Churros y Tácticas Podcast.

More about what you’ll get on Patreon here:

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