Carlotti Ball Coming Up.....

Well Now it looks like our very own Carlotti is making a comeback to the club and is set to take by storm. Madridistas will now need to overlook his stint at Everton and hope for the best that he can get something out of the upcoming season.

At Real Madrid, Ancelotti eventually deviated from the 4–2–3–1 formation which had been deployed by his predecessor, switching instead to a 4–3–3 formation to great effect, in which Argentine winger Ángel Di María particularly excelled as a left-sided central midfielder, and played a key role in the club's successes.
Lets Look at how he sets up his team

Ancelotti experiments with his formations but his preferred formation has been always a 4-3-3 and sometimes 4-4-2. If he joins Real Madrid now, it is quite certain he will continue with his 4-3-3.
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Felt like i should drop this ⬇
Ancelotti’s record as RM manager:
Seasons: 2
Games: 119
Wins: 89
Draws: 14
Losses: 16
Clean Sheets: 55
Goals For: 322
Goals Against: 103
Goal Difference: +219
Win %: 74.8%
Loss %: 13.4%
GF/Game: 2.71
GA/Game: 0.87
 Copa del Rey
 UEFA Super Cup