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Open Thread: June 16, 2021

Another issue of the Daily Merengue!

Real Madrid v Villarreal CF - La Liga Santander Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

The Open Thread/Daily Merengue is a place where you can discuss anything and everything related to football. Feel free to discuss the topics presented here, or start your very own discussions! The Open thread will be posted every day by one of the mods: Valyrian Steel, Felipejack, YoSnail, Ezek Ix or NeRObutBlanco.


Ramos is staying and leaving. That is all.


What a way for Portugal to start the euros off with a wondrously deflected opening goal by Guerreiro and a glorious, revolutionary, decade defining, era shaping, generational masterclass penalty from none other than Cristiano. As if that wasn’t enough, he followed it up with a classic, calma calma, stadium shutting tap-in from as close to the goal line as possible. Putting the match at 3-0. INJECT IT IN MY VIENSSS!!! Renato Sanches is a baller. I see why Lille were able to win Ligue 1 with him.


Yesterday, France had about 2 goals ruled out as offside. 2 goals that would’ve put the match at 3-0 against Germany. Thanks to VAR, those goals didn’t happen. Sources say Giroud was working the VAR to ensure that Mbappe’s goal & what would’ve been Benzema’s return goal, assisted by Mbappe, never happened. That’ll teach them to pass to him, so the goals will count lol. All jokes aside, Giroud seems like a nice guy. He’s been catching lots of flak lately, due to his supposed beef with Mbappe. Germany had possession but looked toothless in attack without a proper striker.


2 days ago, Spain drew against Sweden. All i can say is that head coach Luis Enrique absolutely deserves the team he picked. A lot of head scratching decisions that may end up costing him very soon. Spain is eternally blessed with a plethora of talented & skilled midfielders. But they still gravely lack a lethal striker to tie the knot for them up top. They haven’t had one since David Villa and Fernando Torres. You can understand why VDB practically played without a striker in 2012 euro. Using Fabregas as a false 9 instead. The pain in Spain comes from Morata. Everyone else is manageable. Maybe there’s a reason he can’t last more than 2 seasons at any club he’s been at since initially leaving us in 2013-14, though he was bought back for the 16-17 season only and rightly sold off to Chelsea. Scoring 20 goals twice in his entire career, both of them spaced out. He’s only 28. Spain better produce someone deadly up top or they’ll be doomed.


Whenever i see big name players that play for small countries like LeVANdowski (that’s how the English commentators always call his name, even though there’s no “V” in his name) does for Poland. I always pity them, because unless that small country gets a mastermind of a coach or generates enough talented players in multiple positions. These big named players are just racking up appearances and wishing they were still playing for their domestic clubs.


I need your predictions below. These are mine.


WINNERS: Brazil/Portugal (Portugal have a stacked team and the Copa is Brazil’s to lose)

DARKHORSES: Uruguay/Italy

GOLDEN BOOT: Neymar/Lukaku (Lukaku already has 2 goals)

GOLDEN BALL: Neymar/Bruno Fernandes (Got the feeling Bruno will outshine Cristiano)

BREAKOUT PLAYER: Facundo Torres (URG)/Jude Bellingham (ENG)

SEMIFINALISTS: CHILE/FRANCE (Idc how Chile do it, just make sure ARG don’t progress. I don’t really rate France like everyone else despite their (Ramos) stacked team. Whether they win or lose the euros, it wont surprise me. In this euro, anyone can lose)


Former Denmark International, Peter Schmeichel, has criticized UEFA’s decision to restart the Denmark vs Finland game so soon. Giving the players 3 choices to either play the remainder of the match the same day or play it the following day, or forfeit the game 3-0. With the Denmark team under heavy duress after watching eriksen’s life flash before their eyes, they weren’t left with much of a choice. Despite UEFA releasing an official statement stating that it was the “wishes” of both players to continue the game.

Denmark’s coach has also regretted agreeing to the restart of the match so soon since his recent comments.


To show you how much I don’t care about barca some times, not all the time. I just recently found out that Martin Braithwaite plays for Denmark....whole time, I thought he was Spanish LOL. Until I recently saw him in a Denmark national team jersey at the euros and I was like “wait, this doesn’t make sense, why is he there?” then I did some research and found out he wasn’t Spanish or Brazilian smh LOL.


Achraf is definitely leaving inter, his agent has confirmed. I just want to know how much we’ll get from this terrible deal since Inter still haven’t paid us the light bill they owe us.

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