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Sergio Ramos The Complete Defender

El Capitan closes the book on his Real Madrid chapter

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Those were the famous words of Marvin Gaye in his song, ‘Wake Up Everybody’. The hour has come, today is the day. Sergio Ramos, 36, has made his decision to leave our club after a magical 16 years. It’s finally official and a press conference may be held today as a farewell for our captian. it’s a shame we didn’t win any trophies last season to send him off with but nonetheless, Ramos leaves our club a certified elite legend. For 16 years, we’ve watched Ramos grow from a 19 year old prodigy in Sevilla to a right back that if he ever played uno, you’d only see him with the red cards, to forming one of the best CB partnerships in world football with Pepe and Varane. Sixteen years is a long time, we’ve been through it all with Ramos. His errors and his commanding greatness. But now, we say goodbye. It’s a painful time to think ahead. The Real Madrid world us as fans used to know is slowly changing. The transition will be televised. Wake up everybody, no more sleeping in bed.


Our defense might be getting a center-back makeover. According to reports, Varane seems set on leaving along with Ramos. Meaning Militao’s future has never looked brighter than today. This also increases the possibility of us getting a new CB to pair with Militao, who as it stands will be a permanent starter going into next season. No word yet on Marcelo and Odri.


With Ramos heading out, who will be the next captain? As it stands based on seniority. We have Marcelo, Benzema, Varane, Modric, Carvajal & Casemiro in that order and the unlikely choice of Nacho being the captain. Seeing as Nacho has been at the club for much longer than everyone else. But our club doesn’t see him as a permanent starter. For obvious reasons, i didn’t bother to put Asensio in there. He already famously once said he doesn’t like leading. So who will be the next captain?


Italy continue dominant form, topping their group with 6 points over the swiss army. Wales continue to shine forth with some class MOTM performances from Bale. Hopefully his form carries into the transfer window for us.


Marvin Park is attracting interest from Italy. This could be a good chance for him to develop further with first team football. Odegaard is expect to be with the first team going into next season.

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