Hakimi and Goretzka

Hey guys , i just wanted to share some of my transfer thoughts and ideas with you , so since we have been struggling with our RB position for pretty much the last two years , why aren't we going after Hakimi , one of the best players in his position right now , he is not super expensive option he's familiar with the club's enviroment , and im sure he would be happy to rejoin real madrid. so can anyone explain to me why arent we even batting an eye to the offers he's getting and letting such a player slip from our hands?

Goretzka .. i know our midfield is stakced but i just saw in marca some reports saying that he's refusing to renew with bayern and that real madrid and barcelona are after him. honestly i love the idea of buying goretzka , he's young , a mix between the physicality of casemiro and the brilliance of kroos (on a much smaller scale) i dont believe we have that type of player in our midfield , so is he gonna be a starter??? ... yes ...and no , i believe this will really depend on the type of game and type of tactics we're facing , he can be a good option when you want to have a solid CM and at the same time not wasting quality passes and moves , he can rotate with casemiro , kroos and modric or even i would say try him upfront as an AM (just a thought). plus we have a great history with german players succeeding at madrid. so why not go after him.

in the end i know that the answer for those two questions /thoughts is that we're saving for mbappe and haaland ... but lets be honest ... we're not getting neither of them , and if we keep saving and saving and hoping that we get them .. well i believe that we're wasting time and money value(inflation) and players that in two or three years we wont be able to afford.

oh yeah and reguilon too!