Why Real Madrid Fans Will Forever Be In Love With Rolando

Playing for Real Madrid has not always been such a glid tiding that makes the players happy all their life, but the atmosphere in and out of the Santiago Bernabeu has always been a joy to remember for all the players that grace the turf of the over 800 thousand capacities at the heart of Madrid, the capital of Spain.

The club is known for their ability to attract the best legs in world football since the first tenure of the current club president, Florentino Perez, as he believed in era stars (The Galaticos) would bring an instant success to the club in his way of making his darling team more commercially pleasing to the fans across the globe.


However, his second tenure in 2009 usher the new era marked by the acquisition of some great player of their generation with which Cristiano Ronaldo was at the fore front despite recruiting the likes of Ricardo Kaka, Karim Benzema and others to their rank in other to displace their eternal rival, Barcelona from the Spanish throne and compete at the highest level among the continental elite club, as Real Madrid had been losing at the Round-16 of the UEFA Champions League consistently on five occasions prior to the arrival of Perez second tenure and Ronaldo.

In fact, the impeccable charisma of the then Manchester United attacker in front of goal had in the previous season have had Madrid salivating for his service, while he had a stellar season with premier league golden boot as the most premier league goals scorer for 2007/2008 season with 31 goals to his name. But it was in 2009 that the Los Blanco had a breakthrough in their quest to secure the vibrant attacker service.

While he broke the record for the attendance of the fans that came to watch how Real Madrid unveil their new Starman with over 80000 fans rushed to the Bernabeu to the see majestic of the new Los Blanco arrival.

It was a couple love between the fans of the Santiago Bernabeu club and Cristiano Ronaldo, which bring affinity, fight and tantrum for the two love-bird throughout his stay at the Spanish capital, Madrid.

More so, the success was not an instant as the fans of the Galaticos would have wished for but once the success came knocking it was so boastful for the Los Blanco fans throughout the world.

Like a couple that love throwing tantrums at his or her partner, Cristiano Ronaldo on so many occasions was booed by the Real Madrid fans while he’s doing what he knows how to do best. Playing and scoring goals! However, it doesn’t change the fact that the fans deeply care and love Cristiano Ronaldo for all he has done for the club.

To be candid! Why wouldn’t they love him? A player that came like a lightning, broke all the records there to be broken in a club that has been represented by the best legs in the game while they have won countless trophies from local to the international stage.

A player that makes the likes Feranc Puckas, Emiliano Butrigeno, Alfredo Distefano and Raul Gonzalez looks ordinary despite their goal poaching status in the history of the most successful club in European elite competition. Cristiano is truly a monster.

Although, Real Madrid, reached semifinal in the just concluded champions league champions league campaign, but it’s not a doubt but an apparent fiasco that the Spanish capital base club does not their fear factor anymore and this could be attributed to the departure of their departed legend, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese talisman came as a superstar to the club that harbors stars throughout their history but left as a number one legend while given 9 years of his to the club that have legends in the game plying their trade at the Spanish capital club throughout their history.

The Real Madrid fans have a bragging right over their neighboring club, Atletico de Madrid fans, and while their eternal rival Barcelona always lay claim about the impact of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo is they’re for the Los Blancos fans to talk about.
In fact, the Real Madrid fans do not only see the veteran Portuguese as one of their best players but he is placed as the best player in the rich-filled history of Real Madrid that has produced so many great players.

And why wouldn’t he be their best player in history when he was the most consistent player they ever had and through his sheer determination and will, he helps Real Madrid achieved the unachievable feat in Modern Champion League, while the won the UEFA Champions League on three occasions consecutively and winning the competition four times in five years while they have always been a round of team prior to his comeo in 2009.

Apart from his consistency and will, what Cristiano Ronaldo represent while defending the Real Madrid badge as a player is magical with series of an amazing memories that cannot be counted from the night in Wolfsburg, Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena, the overhead kick in Juventus, Turin or how he silent the cules in Camp Nou against Barcelona.

We couldn’t talk about his amazing impact when they finally defeat Olympique Lyonnaise who had been a terror in the thorn of Real Madrid for so many years before the Portuguese ace switch an allegiance from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2009,
Without much to about, when there are many things to talk about as to why the Los Blancos fans would always hold dear the all-time highest goal scorer in the rich history of Real Madrid while he found the back of the opposition net on 450 occasions in 438 appearance (1.03 goals per match) is demonic enough for the Real Madrid fans to exalt and revered the legend even if his allegiance is not with the Spanish capital club again.

Although, the Real Madrid fans are one of the spoil brats in the cadre of football fans throughout the world and why wouldn’t they be like that, a big money investment on player comes with bigger aspirations in trophy haul and even bigger expectations from the fans to drive the players to justify their wages or investments to wish they can deliver at the highest level and when the fans realize a mistake or they feel they are not getting 100% from these player, they quickly made their grievances known through boos and jest and Cristiano Ronaldo despite his achievement with the club is not immune from this ideology. But it doesn’t reduce the fact that the Madristas cherish and love their number one player ever.

Despite the trophy-laden campaign he had at the height of Real Madrid career, Cristiano Ronaldo could only win two La Liga title, two Copa del Ray and two Spanish super cups in his domestic affair with the club but it was at the biggest stage that the Madeira born and energetic attacker bring such glamorous success to the club with four champions league, three club world cup and many more.
However, his reign return success story to the club like the days of Stefano and the likes because they reign supreme in Champions League and international stages with him at the forefront of their attack.

He might have move on, while he currently ply his trade with Juventus in Italy and currently representing Portugal in the on-going EURO 2020 at 36-year-old where he is the leading goal scorer in the competition, but he considered Madrid his home, why the fans would also love to see him back there one day, why wouldn’t they?

For what he represents, what he achieved with the club, the number of goals scored, the record he created, his vibes and iconic celebrations, his consistency and while he remains the best player to where the white shirt of Madrid to talk less of him been their best ever signing the club ever had. The Madrid star will always love and cherish the veteran and legendary Portuguese ace for his time at the Spanish capital club.