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Sofia Jakobsson Announces Departure From Real Madrid

Jakobsson and Real Madrid could not agree on a contract, though both parties have their own versions of how it went down.

Rayo Vallecano V Real Madrid - Primera Division Femenina Photo by Irina R. Hipolito / Europa Press Sports via Getty Images

The long-rumored departure of Sofia Jakobsson has finally been confirmed by the player herself, as she penned an emotional instagram post wishing her teammates and the fans well.


The full text reads:

Yesterday i did my last game as a Real Madrid player. I don’t know how to start this message, it’s so much I would like to say! But what I know is that i would with all my heart and then I mean all my heart say thank you to each of you who have been supporting me from the very first second I signed the contract of Real Madrid. I can proudly say that you are with out competition the best FANS in the world! After only two seasons you made a big footprint in my career and you guys will always have a special place in my heart. I will always be a supporter of all of you Madridistas! ✨

I also like to say thank you to all the players I have played alongside these two seasons! I have learned a lot from you all and thank you for all the great memories! I wish you nothing but the best of luck in your careers and above all I wish you the greatest luck in continuing to make history for this historic club! I hope of course that we will see each other when you pass the second round of the Champions League. I will be waiting for you!

I know many of you will wonder why I did not stay in Real Madrid. The truth is that my intention was to stay. The reason why i leav will be told when the time is right. Now i will enjoy some days off with my family and friends before heading over to Japan and the Olympic games!

When one door closes another opens! ⏳

¡Hala Madrid!

The key sentence that everyone has latched onto is: “The reason why i [left] will be told when the time is right.”

However, her agent Michael Kallback has already started communicating some of Jakobsson’s side of the story via an interview with AS:

We received an offer, and the next day Real Madrid called and said the offer was no longer valid, and then they made another (reduced) offer instead. So we never had a chance to negotiate. We received an offer, which was withdrawn, and then we received another and we only had the opportunity to say yes or no.

You could say that what happened with Ramos is the same thing that has happened to Jakobsson. It was a bit surprising how he left, but that’s football.

The club hasn’t exactly responded, but Real Madrid TV commentator Arancha Rodríguez mentioned that Jakobsson was not renewed because she asked for more money and for a longer contract.

It’s clear that Sofia and the club disagreed on her valuation, but her agent’s statements and Arancha’s tweet seem to conflict — either Jakobsson got a chance to ask for a raise or there were no negotiations, as Kallback claims.

The “truth” will come out in time, but Madridistas will be left to ponder the alleged details until that occurs.

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