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Open Thread: July 19, 2021

Casemiro has lived long enough to see himself become the Villain...again.

No matter how pivotal a role a player plays for us in winning trophies, often times the trophies are never enough justification. He has to be perfect.

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Who can give me a list of 10 consistently world class ball-progressing/Ball playing DM’s that are also great defensively so that the trade off in defensive capabilities from Casemiro is manageable and not extremely lopsided?


Take this with a grain of salt but there’s been news going around that Vinicius has been offered to Man Utd, in our attempts to raise money for project Mbappe. Obviously it’s the rumor mill and no credible source as of yet. But if there’s anybody that our club needs to offload from our attack that plays on the left, we know who he is and it shouldn’t be Vinicius. I see Vinicius potentially taking the Chiesa route and beginning to peak at or around 22/23 years of age.


Since the euros have been over, whom do you think has become vastly overrated solely for their performances in the euros? with everybody developing sudden amnesia to their previous season where they were largely non-existent. Kante might still have some of that champions league tax going for him.


Ask yourself this honest question, do you really want France Football to award this years ballon d’or to someone that won 2 Copa Del Rey trophies for club and country? especially after Lewandowski wasn’t even given a chance last year? i don’t think so. So start hyping Jorginho. I’ve already DM’d France Football on Instagram and started my campaign for Justice and the salvation of football as evidenced below:

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