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La Liga president Tebas comments on approved €2.1 billion CVC deal

The Spanish league president provides insight into the new deal

LaLiga Champions Gala Red Carpet In Madrid Photo by Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

La Liga president Javier Tebas has confirmed that the €2.1 billion CVC deal has been approved, according to the Athletic UK’s Dermot Corrigan.

There were reportedly a total of 38 votes from Spanish clubs in favor of the deal while four clubs voted against the deal, including Real Madrid, Barcelona, Real Oviedo and Athletic Bilbao. The disapproving clubs will neither receive the CVC money nor lose their broadcast rights income.

Corrigan also states that the original deal of €2.7 billion dropped to €2.1 billion after the four clubs voted against receiving CVC money.

Tebas has also provided comments to the Athletic about the CVC deal and has called out Real Madrid’s rejection of the deal.

“Madrid and Barcelona do not want the national leagues to develop and grow stronger. That would not benefit their Super League project. They want most of the money to flow to them.”

“CVC have not come here to bail us out—they are not here because of the pandemic. Only 15% of the money can be used to pay off debts, 70% is for investment in infrastructure. So they are not here to bail out Spanish football, but to help build a stronger league.”

“CVC will receive their share of the AV rights, maybe 8 or 9%. With their investment we are going to grow our business a lot, and that growth will compensate for the dividend they take.”

“Everything that La Liga do, Real Madrid and Barcelona try and block. But we keep growing anyway, and it will continue to grow whether all clubs agree this deal or not.”

“Florentino [Perez] said we were worth nothing on El Chiringuito. And he was coming to save us with the Super League, and then hand down some money to the rest of us.”

It seems Tebas is still sour over the attempted formation of the Super League which involved both Real Madrid and Barcelona. He does not appear to have commented on the rejection of the deal from the perspectives of Real Oviedo or Athletic Club.

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