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Las Blancas Podcast: The Diamond; Cardona’s Tactical Evolution; Ranting About The Broadcasts

Teresa Abelleira is “Ana Tejada,” apparently.

On this Patron-only episode of Las Blancas Podcast, Om Arvind and Grant Little discuss:

  • Quickly reviewing Real Madrid 4-0 Cacereño
  • Paula Partido’s “debut” goal
  • How the 4-4-2 diamond looked vs. Real Sociedad
  • Natalia Arroyo’s schematic counters
  • Marta Cardona’s impact and her rapid tactical evolution
  • Cardona’s “winner mentality”
  • When will Nahikari García score?
  • Why Real Sociedad gained the upper hand in the second half
  • Athenea del Castillo’s impact and obsession with nutmegs
  • How functional is Athenea’s dribbling?
  • Ranting about the quality of the broadcasts
  • The abysmal play-by-play commentating and how that should inform our discussions about women’s football as a “product”
  • The bar being on the floor for woso coverage

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Hosts this week:

Om Arvind (@OmVAsports)

Grant Little (@grantlittle09)

Las Blancas (@Las_Blancas)

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