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Vinicius JR: “I want to spend many years in Madrid like Marcelo, Ramos, and Benzema”

The Brazilian gave a tell-all interview to AS where he revealed the secret to his new found scoring touch

Real Madrid CF v RC Celta de Vigo - LaLiga Santander Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

The man of the hour is Vinicius JR. The Brazilian has been in scintillating form to start the campaign. It seems young Vinicius has finally put the final piece of the puzzle together and the end production has arrived. In an interview with Spanish publication, Diario AS, Vinicius JR gave a lengthy interview to Thomas Roncero after the Celta game. In the interview, Vinicius touched on his new found scoring touch, working with Ancelotti, his adaptation to Real Madrid, Mbappe, Benzema, and more. The full interview has been transcribed below in English:

Scoring in the last game and the Bernabue and the first game back

“It was all very special. We knew that our people would be with us and support us at all times. In fact, with 1-2 at halftime we were clear that the support of the fans was key if we wanted to come back. That encouragement they gave us was fundamental. That support is felt and makes everything easier for you.”

Playing at Valdebebas

“In Valdebebas it was very difficult for us. Especially for me, I like to play with the fans, used to the passion with which soccer is lived in Brazil. Noticing people’s breath when you’re down there is something unique. That is why we believe that with the return of the public it will be easier to fight to win the greatest number of titles.”

Love affair with the Santiago Bernabeu and the fans

“I’m very happy about that, that they feel like this with me. I think it’s because of my style of play. I always make the effort and show my skill and, if I fail, I try again. Hopefully this relationship with the fans will last for many years.”

Adapting to the European game

“Here I try to play as if I were at home, when I played in Brazil. I feel like when I played in the street, with joy. Feeling the support of the public is like staying there. We play to enjoy together with them.”

Criticism for goal celebration due to the pandemic

“It has been a time of many emotions and I am sure that everything that has happened in this time with what happened influenced me. We had not been able to be with our fans for a long time and maybe it went away a bit (smiles). I got carried away a bit because it came together... that it was the 3-2 goal...we had returned home after so long and I scored again. It was actually a hug to the Bernabeu, in our reunion with them. I didn’t know any of them. It was a hug for all the Madridistas who have always been by our side”

Secret to new found goal scoring success

“This is the product of a lot of work, many hours training in Valdebebas and fighting to improve the definition. Since I arrived at Madrid I always said that the time would come when I would score many goals in a row. Since the season started I feel very good. I have the confidence that the coach and all the technical staff give me. That confidence makes me think that I can fail, and if I do, I will try again ...”

Ancelotti’s influence

“He did say that: in the end with just one or two touches, that is better before finishing. Which is better for me and there is the data. I have had that thought in my head and we are now creating more chances and scoring more goals. The coach worked a lot with me in Valdebebas and has helped me improve.”

A goal coming with every 2 shots

“Confidence is the key for a forward.”

Sports psychologists to improve finishing?

“No, I did not get to have that concern or obsession despite the statistics. In the Flamengo academy I scored a lot of goals and I knew this was going to come. I am very calm about that and now I only think about scoring goals and giving assists to help Madrid win titles. I feel good about myself.”

Life in Madrid

“I live with my whole family and with my little brothers. I love this city and the way of life. I feel at home. My physio also lives with me and in the afternoons I work at home to improve my diet and my physique. I take great care of myself.”

Potential of a transfer or a loan move this past summer?

“I just wanted to succeed in Madrid, for my president and for the fans that have always supported me unconditionally. My family and I want to spend many years in Madrid and I do not want to have another experience. There are players here who have been around for many seasons and have won a lot. I want to be like them.”

The support of so many Brazilian compatriots

“Yes, that mix of young and old always helps me. Now Camavinga arrives, very young and good, and then there is Fede, Rodrygo, Miguel... All of them ensure the future of Madrid.”

Veteran of Madrid at just 21-years-old

“I arrived when I was 18 years old and as a child, but my head was calm and convinced that I would end up playing for many years like Marcelo, Sergio Ramos, Karim… I wanted to succeed like them. We have a very bright present and future for us. Young people must learn with veterans and that is what works.”

Ancelotti’s trust

“The coach is trying to get the best out of all of us, giving us confidence where he knows we can give more. With Eden and Karim we combined a lot against Celta and that was key to the good victory we achieved against the Galicians.”

Calmness while finishing chances

“With the confidence I have in myself, everything is easier. We had trained that play and at halftime I told Karim: “The first one that comes to you, put it on me, I’m going to get there.” I was calm, I faced the doorman, I waited and I put her on the other side.”

Resolving issues with Benzema

“Playing with Karim is amazing. I was always a big fan of Karim since I was a child. It is a pleasure to play by his side. He always helps me. He is one of the best players in history. I really like to play with him. He always talks to me on the field and off it. It helped me, even when it was not known if I was going to succeed. In the field we talk a lot. Before the game he told me that I was going to help him score a goal and I did it with the penalty they gave me. So when they fouled me, I looked at him. He knew it would be his goal.”

Parallels to Marcelo

“He always knows how to advise me when I am good or when I am bad. That confidence with his experience helps me a lot. He already told me that I was going to play here for a long time, like him. Hopefully it will be like that.”

Nationalization as a Spanish citizen

“I think there is very little left, we are waiting. I am Brazilian at heart, but I hope to be here for many more years and I also feel a bit Spanish.”

Minutes with Brazil

“If I play to the top for Madrid and I play regularly, it is easier to have minutes with my national team. That has happened.”

Shutting down the doubters

“I handle it well. From the first day I arrived I felt the pressure for having cost 45 million or the pressure itself from playing for Real Madrid. But I only listen to people in my house and those who really trust me. I play for our fans, for me, to be happy and content with me and the club, not to shut up.”

Others have left Madrid without fighting for a spot

“It is my personality and my desire to succeed in Madrid. Criticism is assumed as a footballer that I am, but I always value everything calmly because that is not in our power.”

What’s next?

“My dream is to play for many years at Madrid and win many Champions Leagues (smile ...). Well also some Leagues, some Cups ...”

PSG favorites for the UCL?

“Winning the Champions is very difficult. City were the best last season and they didn’t win it either. We have to think about what is ours and how things are going to turn out well for us. Here almost all the players have won four Champions. We already have our heads up after that painful elimination with Chelsea.

Fight Benzema for the Pichichi

“I hope to keep scoring a lot of goals, but I’m going to help him score a lot too (smiles).”

Character shown by the team to comeback vs Celta

“We are working hard at Valdebebas and we are doing the perfect things so as not to fail like last season. It is very difficult in Madrid to assume a season without titles, as we did last year. Now you have to win titles again.”

Florentino Perez’s faith in Vini

“Before my arrival in Madrid he already told me that. I arrived here with the confidence of the President and then that of the fans and my teammates. That makes everything easier to succeed.”

Some fans say it is better for Mbappe to arrive next year

“Mbappé is a great player, I like him a lot, I’m also a fan of him. I’m sure he’s going to have a great season at PSG and he’s going to do things well. We’ll see what he does with his future”

Fittest since arriving in Madrid (Lowest body fat percentage to date)

“It’s true. I have worked a lot on vacation to be as I am. I am eating well and taking care of myself. That shows when you get to the games. I am doing the right things to have a great season after four years here. I’m going to succeed and fight for what I want.”

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