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Open Thread: September 30, 2021

Another issue of your Daily Merengue!

Real Madrid v Sheriff - UEFA Champions League
I hate to see Modric put his hand on his face in a loss. We must jail the Sheriff’s and destroy their police station in the 2nd leg
Photo by Burak Akbulut/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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Prior to Tueday’s game, i’m sure not many of you knew that Sheriff had scored 116 goals and conceded only 7 last season and finished with almost a hundred points in the Moldovian national division. They’ve only been around for 20 years, so though they’re small they’re not weak. They even have a Cristiano playing for them at left back and he was a menace against us. The english commentators constantly & wierdly kept calling his name as if to remind us of that one dude that played for us in times past.

Ancelotti’s problems aren’t tactical, or rarely are they ever tactical. What he lacks is an X-factor player/s. And NO! Benzema is NOT the answer. Neither is Vini an x-factor type player...not yet at least. In moments like the Villareal and Sheriff game, what we needed was a player who would grab the bull by its horns and break it’s neck for the win. For 4 years running, we haven’t had such despite benzema being our leading scorer. So upsets like these keep happening & unwanted records gets set on our backs.

Football is a team sport, but you STILL absolutely need a superstar/game winner. Otherwise, everybody always looks like a bunch of playmakers who get lucky if one of them scores a game winner in tight situations like the Sheriff game. And when the next tight occasion arises, that player is no where to be found nor can they be trusted to be a consistent game winner for the team. Anyways, in the next game, we gotta lock these small town sheriff’s up, put them under the jail and throw away the keys. They’ve had their day in the sun, can’t lose to them twice like we did to freaking Shaktar.


Per La Liga, our spending limit is much higher than our rivals.

We are one of 3 teams (Real Madrid, Barcelona & Athletic Bilbao) who didn’t accept money for a percentage of our broadcasting rights from the CVC deal that La Liga sprung on the entire league last month. Each news about our clubs finances continues to instill confidence across the board that we’re headed in the right direction under the leadership of General Florentino IX.


Just in case you forgot, i’m still pushing Jorginho for 2021 Ballon d’or. Yes, Messi scored on Tuesday as he’s begun cultivating the prison’s oil farm. During the Oil Abu Derbi, he was on the floor for a City free-kick as part of PSG’s wall. Little did the world know, he was laying down to add fertilizer to the ground for the cash crops to grow smh. He’s only been there a month and he’s already skilled in agriculture. But that will never change my mind. it’s still Jorginho2021.


The Spanish Government is letting the stadiums be filled to full capacity. MM’s podcast breaksdown our historic loss to Sheriff. Casemiro sounds the alarm on our defensive woes.

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