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Open Thread: September 5, 2021

Your Sunday issue of the Daily Merengue! Plus a new section by Nero!!!


The Open Thread/Daily Merengue is a place where you can discuss anything and everything related to football. Feel free to discuss the topics presented here, or start your very own discussions! The Open thread will be posted every day by one of those mods you’d totally have cocktails with : Valyrian Steel, Felipejack, YoSnail, Ezek Ix or NeRObutBlanco.

Madridistas in Action

  • The Welsh Dragon will be looking to scorch Belarus and build some momentum for himself, before returning to help his club side.
  • Courtois and E. Hazard will likely both play against the Czech Republic. Pray to goddess Melitele that they don’t get injured (Get this reference?).
  • Vini, Militao and Case’s Brazilian NT are set for a rematch of the recent Copa del Rey America final against Argentina. Since this is a NT derby match, I think it might be worth a watch.

Vini has 200 pro appearances!!!

Our boy finally made his 200th professional appearance in his country’s victory over Chile the other day.

Gudjohnsen Jr is on our CL squad list

Real Madrid have officially released their squad for the CL season. One name stands as odd; “Andri Gudjonsen”. In case it caught your eye, yes it is that guy’s son. The ex-Barcelona striker Eidur Gudjohnsen who won the UCL with Pep’s team in 2009. How cool is that! In addition, plenty of young talent made the list! You can have a look here.

AS also published a video with some of Andri’s goals. The video makes you believe that the apple often doesn’t fall too far from the apple tree.

The Camavinga saga and his act of generosity

According to Marca, Camavinga is not our new shiny toy that Papa Flo saw on a store window and got. The younster was being monitored for quite some time. Looks like our scouting department is doing a heck of a job!

In addition, here’s another piece of news regarding our new midfielder; He will aparently give 166 shirts to Rennes staff.

Congested Schedule

Yeah... that’s a thing like usual. The boyz in white won’t be taking a breather before the match against Valencia - and, unless you were born yesterday, you know the fortress Mestalla has been a hard pitch to us too many a time.

Bale in better mood

The welsh star seems to be feeling better recently and this shows on the pitch as well. He explained that his year-long spell at his previous club, Tottenham Hotspur, has helped him regain some of his old vigor.

I think that showed coming back with Wales in the Euros

I have brought that into Real Madrid this season, where there is a better environment for myself.

Every player will tell you if they’re in a happier place mentally, then physically they are going to feel better and perform better. I’m playing and a bit happier and a bit more comfortable with the playing style of Real Madrid.

Nero’s Memories

I was recently at this bar by the sea with a dear friend and protege of mine. Now, your Emperor Nero generally loves cocktails. While we were about to order our drinks, my friend asked me if had a drink in mind before I even had a chance to take a look at the menu. So, I told him;

“ *sigh* Buddy, here’s a riddle for ya. A few years back, a certain ex-Real Madrid player had an interview, in which he claimed that after having 18 of what I’m about to order, had a meeting with Jesus. So... what am I about to order?”

Since the other guy is in the beginning stages of his training, I wasn’t too mad at him for not knowing. Do you know the answer, my fellow madridistas?






The player I indirectly mentioned above is Cicinho, who had struggled with alcoholism during his career. In said interview, the man himself mentioned a funny but at the same time sad memory of his. Here are some parts of the interview (Marca).Thus, the answer to the riddle is “a Caipirinha”.

Cicinho was viewed as a great prospect, very technically gifted. He arrived in Madrid, carrying hopes that he would make the RB position his own and create a story for Madridistas to remember. That didn’t go too well (Cicinho only stayed for the 2006-07 season) and the promise he had shown as a youngster never came to fruition. Yet, in spite of the above, I still think of Cicinho as a very likable guy, who I grew more fond of and felt sympathy towards after watching some interviews.

Last-minute note: If a people like me have proteges, the world is being FedEx’ed to HFIL (find the reference) on a handkart.

Lemme know if you want to see a few more “Nero’s Memories” sections in future threads. Have fun watching your favourite players in action and may the madridismo be with you.

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