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PSA: Tonight’s Clasico post-game podcast will be live on Zoom, at 5pm EST

Real Madrid Training Session Photo by Helios de la Rubia/Real Madrid via Getty Images

It’s a big week for Patrons and those who’ve been wanting to become a Patron! The Managing Madrid Podcast is currently in the middle of a three-day stretch packed with podcasts, all exclusively for Patrons, with a special deal involved:

  1. Tuesday, Clasico preview and loan-tracker
  2. Wednesday, Clasico post-game LIVE ON ZOOM at 5pm EST
  3. Thursday, special surprise guest will talk about Kylian Mbappe’s situation which will be followed by a mailbag

And here’s the best part, we currently have a deal over on Two months free on annual memberships. You’ll pay for 10 months, and get 12 months — which sees you get access all the way through to 2023. The minimum pledge is $3 / month — that gets you access to everything (plus entire back catalog): weekly loan-trackers, mailbags, zoom post-game shows after big games (Clasico, UCL, etc), and a ton more bonus content.

See you guys on the inside. The Zoom link is available for Patrons here.