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Camavinga’s brother: “Eduardo used to lock himself in his room if Real Madrid lost El Clasico”

 Sebastiao Camavinga talks about adapting to life in Madrid and his younger brother’s lifelong fandom of the club

Real Madrid CF v Valencia CF - La Liga Santander Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Sebastiao Camavinga is the brother to Eduardo and the oldest Camavinga sibling. The whole Camavinga family has moved to Madrid to support the 19-year-old phenom, but Sebastiao lives his own life. The older brother works as a hairdresser in Madrid and takes public transportation to get better acquainted with the city. “The first few months we have been living in a hotel,” Sebastiao told MARCA. “I went out looking for a job because I don’t like standing around, doing nothing. The first few places I interviewed did not seem very appropriate, but through a friend, Jordan, they told me about this hairdresser. I told him that I would like to work there and I had a great understanding with the boss.”

Sebastio prefers to use public transportation, rather than drive his own car, because he gets a better feel for the city and it’s people. The Frenchman wants to immerse himself within Madrid. “I use public transport a lot because I think it’s the best way to get to know and experience the city. By car it’s not the same.”

There were no doubts from Sebastio or any of the Camavinga family to move to Madrid. They wanted to support the new Real Madrid midfielder with the whole family present. “We did not hesitate to come to Madrid,” the brother to Eduardo revealed. “We are a very united family. We go wherever one of our own goes, especially with Eduardo, because what he does requires a lot of sacrifice and he needs our strength and encouragement.”

The eldest Camavinga brother went on to discuss how quickly the move materialized. “The deal was done very quickly. In the last few minutes there was talk and ‘boom!’... it was done. At first it was complicated, going from Rennes to Madrid is not easy, but our little brother is very happy. My parents, too. The Spanish help us, the mentality of the people is very good”.

The interview moved on to discuss Eduardo’s beginning’s and early memories from his brother, Sebastio: “ I understood that it was good when he played against us in the neighborhood. And in a match I saw how he displaced a kid four years older than him and he stole the ball with ease. He began to show it in teams at the youth level, because in the neighborhood he became strong. He took blows but gave blows as well.”

PSG was desperate to win the signature of Eduardo Camavinga, but the 19-year-old has always had one club in his heart. Despite the competition at Madrid, Eduardo only wanted to come to Spain, and only wanted to join Real Madrid. “It is the team of his heart. When Barca won the Clasicos, he pouted and locked himself in his room. He saw the Madrid train go by, which almost always passes only once, and he wanted to take advantage of it. We’re going to help him with all our might”

At just 19-years-old, Eduardo Camavinga is the youngest player in the Real Madrid first team squad. Despite his youth, he has earned the trust of Carlo Ancelotti and has featured in a variety of roles in midfield. The club have high hopes for the Frenchman and believe the teenager will thrive with the support of his family in Madrid.

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