Magician from Greifswald

I wrote a poem on Toni Kroos and if you guys like it please share it with your friends and family.

How far have we come?
How time flew away?
Mocked and brought down,
the little kid cried
for he became a reject
by the mightiest of it's kind,
replaced and rebuked.
They said 'time will ease thy pain',
With a smile on his face
He answered 'Who cares?'
for the call came from long
to Don the white
Of 'mi amor' Madrid.
Veins of ice started ruling
Holy Bernabéu, with a shot or two
Once and about.
Waving magic against all odds
shyness ruling fear.
The day came when the World
knew his name,
Chanted and Glorified by thousands.
When all stars fade and our world comes to ruin-
there will still be Toni
And the magic he is brewing.

--- Trambak Bhattacherjee