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PSG told Mbappe they had €500 million to terminate Neymar and Messi contracts

The Frenchman was lured away from a dream move to Madrid by false promises in Paris.

Paris Saint Germain vs Bayern Munich: UEFA Champions League final Photo by Michael Regan / UEFA / Handout/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Kylian Mbappe wants to leave PSG due to broken promises from the Parisian club, according to a report from MARCA.

Mbappe renewed his contract with PSG in May after the player was converted into the highest paid football player in the world. In addition to his significant monetary raise, the Qatari-owned club made several promises to the forward which included making him the center-piece of their new sporting project. To do so, Mbappe reportedly requested that Neymar Jr leave the club. Mbappe was assured that PSG have set aside 500 million euros to terminate the contracts of Neymar and Messi. Ultimately, the club tried to sell the player but with no buyers was stuck with the Brazilian as they did not want to further violate financial fair play laws.

Along with the failure to sell Neymar, Mbappe was let down by PSG’s inability to sign Tchouaméni and he has been extremely frustrated by playing the “pivot” forward position. Mbappe was promised to play off a striker, like he does with Giroud or Benzema for France, but instead is playing as the sole center forward for another season in order to accommodate both Neymar and Messi. According to L‘Equipe, Mbappe’s trust in the club has been totally broken. He wants out and is currently exploring legal options as new reports have filtered that PSG ran a smear campaign against the striker with online bots.

Needles to say, the drama with Mbappe and PSG appears to be never ending. The striker would proabbly love to go back in time and make his dream move to Real Madrid happen. Or, this is all a ploy to put further pressure on the Parisian club. Either way, Mbappe, who is always carful to manage his image, has only enhanced his reputation as an ego-centric prima-donna rather than a player for the team. Time will tell if Real Madrid return with interest, but club sources have already told Managing Madrid that they will not move for the Frenchman.

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