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Super League CEO says re-launch will happen with a revamped format and new vision

Permanent membership from the founding members will be off the table

Real Madrid Present Tenders For New Bernabeu Stadium Illustration provided by Real Madrid via Getty Images

The Super League, a project currently spearheaded by the presidents of Real Madrid (Florentino Perez), Barcalona (Joan Laporta), and Juventus (Andrea Agnelli) has appointed a new CEO: Bernd Reichart.

Reichart gave an interview to Reuters and The Financial Times, and spoke about a new, revamped Super League that is more inclusive. He also states that the current UEFA format is outdated and that there are only good games from the Round-of-16 and on. Here are some of the interesting quotes from the interview:

When will it start, and will UEFA be involved?

“To start in 2024-25 is reasonable, I’m optimistic...

“We don’t want to work against anyone, we want to work for football.. The (initial) dialogue (with UEFA) was neglected.

“The system has become quite unstable, it can no longer stand on its own. I think the clubs should be able to decide their fate, because they also bear all the (financial) risks. Most clubs agree that you can’t continue like this.”

Who will be included on the Super League?

“I believe in an active and extended dialogue to create a sustainable sporting model for European football. We want to reach out to stakeholders in the European football community and broaden this vision. Even the fans will have a lot of sympathy for the idea. It’s a blackboard in white. The format will never be an obstacle. There is a reassessment of the project. There is a clearly stated move towards an open format and permanent membership being off the table. We want to see whether or not there is a broader consensus on the issues that faces European football.”

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