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Player Ratings: Alcorcón 4-1 Real Madrid Castilla

Real Madrid

Real Madrid Castilla were demolished 4-1 by Alcorcon on Sunday noon, ending a three-match winning streak. Castilla were never really in the game, to be honest. They lacked a little bit of everything, and perhaps the best five to seven minutes of their match was the time during which they scored their one goal.

Castilla were looking to build on their winning streak and instead, they put in their worst performance of the season. They weren’t able to get past Alcorcon’s block that many times, they didn’t create chances, and Alcorcon, to be fair, were so, so clinical. They didn’t create many chances, but were able to convert most of the ones they did have. Castilla, on the other hand, didn’t have much, to begin with.

Here are the player ratings:

Luis Lopez - 5: Lopez wasn’t really at fault for any of the goals Castilla conceded – maybe he could’ve done better on the first one, but that’s it – and he actually had a couple of pretty good saves, like that 1v1 around the 71st minute. That being said, he still conceded four, can’t give him a high rating, can we?

Vinicius Tobias - 4: Tobias had one defensive intervention that left him with an injury, and apart from that he was a little weak defensively, wasn’t able to go up that much. Subbed off in the 27th minute.

Rafa Marin - 6.5: A top three Castilla performer, and the only one that was able to get on the scoresheet. Well-taken goal, and put in a shift defensively. The only one that looked like he gave a damn.

Edgar Pujol - 4.5: Honestly, nothing noteworthy from Edgar. Didn’t have that much to do offensively, obviously, and didn’t contribute to much defensively. Subbed off in the second half.

Marvel - 5.5: Felt a bit bad for Marvel, he conceded a penalty that wasn’t really a penalty, definitely not a yellow either. He also had two chances in the final third – well, a chance and a half. One was a cross that almost made it into the net, and then the other was a shot off a setpiece from Martin which honestly should’ve ended up in the back of the net.

Doctor - 5: Had a couple of good passes in the first half, and a couple of defensive interventions in the second. Went further up in the second half, but wasn’t able to build on his excellent performance last week.

Villar - 4.5: Again, nothing really noteworthy from Villar either, won a couple of duels, lost a couple more, and in general just didn’t do much all game.

Peter - 3.5: Started off like he was going to be very involved in the final third, but ended up having a really, really bad game. Couldn’t get past his man, was slow defensively. Could’ve done better defensively in the build-up to the first goal, and one of his misplaced passes directly led to a counterattack for Alcorcon. Switched wings but that didn’t help, either. Was subbed a lot later than he should have.

Arribas - 6: I was expecting Arribas to have another amazing game, but that didn’t happen. Started off strong, but as the first half went on, his influence waned down. He did make a couple of good chances in the second half, though, one of them being an assist to Rafa Marin’s goal. Still was better than most of the other Castilla players.

Alvaro Martin: 6: One of the better performers for Castilla. Had a couple of great crosses, and a really good chance that forced a save out of Alcorcon’s goalkeeper. Was subbed off before Peter, which was shocking.

Iker Bravo - 4.5: Had a couple of nice passes, and I honestly don’t remember anything else from Bravo. He was a bit too slow on every sequence. He did drop back to help the team, but wasn’t able to do anything with it.

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