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Getafe: 8 October 2022

Saturday Edition of The Daily Merengue

The Daily Merengue is a place where you can feel free to discuss all things football. Do not be alarmed by the overt RMCF bias. It’s in the name!

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Are you ready?

Training to face Getafe

Benzema will rest

Carlo said Benzema likely won’t play today. It’s not an injury, he is just a bit tired after Shakhtar’s game midweek. The final decision will made today’s morning.

Carlo also said Ceballos will stay out for 2-3 weeks. Regarding Courtois, his “inflammation” is improving, but as expected he won’t play today. He will be accessed if he can return for the midweek UCL game, but for El Clasico he is “confirmed”.

Which Madrid will we watch this season?

It was an interesting question during today’s press-conference. The journalist noted that, from October to February, we watched Madrid play in a low-block, looking for attacking spaces, but in the other day the team was pressing high - with Carlo asking the team to press. Then, what Madrid’s version we’ll see in the rest of this season?

Carlo answer was no surprise:

A Madrid that doesn’t have only one identity. There are games you need a high press to have more control of the game, but in other games you can have more advantages by playing in a low-block. Therefore, we’re not going to see a Madrid that has only one identity; we’ll see a Madrid that can play with the ball, make counters, defend in a low-block, let the opponent to have possession; a complete Madrid.

“Rudiger is a world-class CB”

Carlo was asked about Rudiger, because he was starter before Madrid and if there a is psychological work to convince the player that he is important as he isn’t play as often.

“He knows perfectly he is very important for us. I think Rudiger is a world-class CB, like Militão and Alaba are. The competence here is big. Taken into account that we have three world-class CBs and Nacho - who I cannot say is world-class, but every time he played, he delivered - we are very good with these four CBs. It’s true that Nacho has rest more than the others, but it’s possible that in the future he plays more than the others.

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