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Eden Hazard: “If Real Madrid tells me in the summer that I have to leave, I’ll accept it”

The Belgian gave his first interview to MARCA ahead of the World Cup.


Eden Hazard was open and honest to Mario Cortegana in an interview with MARCA conducted all in Spanish. The player discussed his happiness level, the possibility of leaving Real Madrid, Zidane’s confidence vs Carlo’s confidence, advice for Vinicius, and more:

First interview with Spanish media

“I do not like to give interviews. But it’s very difficult to talk when you’re not playing. I prefer to play and then talk. I’m sorry because I like people like you, but at the moment I can’t talk much...”

Training at Valdebebas with current squad role — something that was imagined 3 years ago?

“I like going to Valdebebas because there are many good players and very good people. It’s hard because I don’t play much, but there are good people and that’s what I want, to train and play with them. If I can help, all the better, but at the moment I can’t. I will try to give it my all to change the situation.”

World Cup: opportunity to show the true Hazard

“Yes, of course. I have to prove to everyone that I can play football. People have doubts about what I can do, but I don’t.”

Doubts from fans

“Sure! It is normal. I am a player who has not played many games in three years. I can understand it. I have to show when I play, be it five, ten or 15 minutes. I want to play and when I do I have to do it well.”

Maintaining a positive attitude, despite situation at Real Madrid

“I am lucky to play soccer in the best team in the world. And that’s it. Not only because I play for Real Madrid, but because I play football and it’s what I want to do in life.”

Vinicius being targeted in La Liga, similar to Hazard in the Premier League

“It’s normal, he’s the best player on the team. He has to think that this is the life of the best footballer in the world, think only about playing, not talking to people. He has to focus on the ball and the goal.”

Grade for second and third seasons

“Pufff. 0 for the way I play because I don’t play, but 10 for how I live this moment with the team. I don’t play but being a Real Madrid player was my dream as a child and after this year I have another season on my contract. I want to play for this club, with this shirt.”

Chances of leaving in January or June

In January it is impossible, because I have family and I like the city. But in summer it is possible that I go. I have one more year on my contract and it’s the club’s decision. If the club tells me “Eden, thanks for four years, but you have to go”, I have to accept it because it’s normal. But I would like to play more, show more that I can play, that I am a good player.”

Cibeles quotes from the title celebrations

“What am I missing to amke those quotes a reality? Minutes, sure. But, there are also players who are better than me at the moment.”

What’s gone wrong? Example: being overweight in preseason

“But that has always happened. All seasons are the same with me: during the season I have to work and play football, but when I have three weeks to rest, I rest, and I’m not going to change. This story was four years ago, although it was reality, but then I did an incredible two months before the injury. Then I haven’t had any luck due to the confinement and many things, like many injuries in the second year... But during ten years at Chelsea I played 500 games without injuries or anything, and then in two years all these injuries... It’s something I can’t explain. Why? poof.”

Changing habits

Sure, sure. I have changed many things including food.

Psychological help?

“No, no, no. I am lucky that I have a family to help me with these kinds of things. There are much harder things in life. I play football, I’m not lucky at the moment, but it’s okay, it’s life.”

More confidence from Zidane than from Ancelotti?

“I’m not in contact with Zidane, but at the end of the second season with him he told me ‘Whatever happens, you have to look forward and enjoy this club.’ They are almost the same people, two different coaches but equal as people. I have great respect for both.”

Fans upset at fees, wages, and difficult seasons — what is your message?

“Sorry, friend. I try, but... I’m sorry. I have one more year and I have to prove it, but it’s not easy: I don’t play, I want to play more... I’m really sorry, I’m sorry for what happened.”

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