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Super League CEO appears on Toni Kroos’s podcast

Bernd Reichart says he will be meeting with UEFA soon

New Super League CEO Bernd Reichart appeared on Toni Kroos’s podcast (Einfach Mal Luppen) that he co-hosts with his bother Felix.

In a very interesting conversation, Reichart gave updates on the current plans of the Super League.

“We have offered UEFA a means of dialogue and this invitation was accepted,” Reichart said on the podcast. “I will be in Nyon next week to speak with UEFA on the subject.

That is also what I understand by dialogue, that the other party will be heard and we can confront ideas. Surely we won’t be able to agree on everything. But it’s a good sign for clubs who may still shy away at the moment or even fear sanctions if they engage in dialogue. UEFA’s commitment that an open dialogue should be possible on the future of football is a positive sign.”

Reichart explained why football needs change.

“We believe that European football is not fulfilling its potential at the moment,” Richart said. “That better games and better competitions can be offered in Europe. We are concerned about the economic ecosystem of the clubs, which are currently under financial pressure, and we believe that the European club competition should be organized by the clubs themselves, as is done in the national leagues.

“We need strong financial fair-play that enforces and punishes infringements. At the moment, there are doubts about this, because UEFA does not punish financial fair-play violations as it should. Given that all clubs compete, ultimately, for the best players, it is a distortion of competition that clubs with almost unlimited resources can pay these salaries or transfers, unlike clubs that belong to their partners such as Real Madrid or Bayern Munich and that are accountable to them.”

Reichart says the new proposed Super League will not have ‘permanent membership’.

“It is clear that sports competition is the same for everyone and must give all clubs the opportunity to live the European dream,” The Super League CEO expalined. “In the Super League there are no permanent members, it is not a closed entity”.

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