How Did Real Madrid Dominate European Football For So Many Years

What is the secret of Real Madrid's success over all these past years !

The reality is that there is no secret to Real Madrid's success over the past years, everything can be understandable when you examine the team's board work and how they deal with various situations, both in terms of economics and sports, here follows a total breakdown of my personal opinion on this topic


On the economic terms Real Madrid is currently considered the most valuable football club in the world reaching an enormous value of 5.1 billion Dollars, and topped the ranking of club revenues in 2022 which made 640 million Euros, and that is due to the clubs strong economical strategies and the many branding connections they have with various companies from all over the world.

Real Madrid is a club owned by its members which are called Socios they get to vote which person gets into the office, as it is the case for the actual president Florentino Perez, who contributed a lot to the team's success over his years of rule, a strategic economical leader that led Real Madrid to economical prosperity back in 2000 when it nearly reached bankruptcy, with the signing of multiple deals and the acquiring of multiple players that had the best marketing influences like David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo Nazario, and many others... he is still doing the same thing nowadays but the system has changed, somehow Real Madrid now concentrates more on young talents, which doesn't cost a fortune and might progress very well at the club and we're seeing so many examples as Vinicius, Rodrygo, Valverde..., this strategy has lowered the expenditure of the club and helped save a lot of money for the club in the mean time the team are still performing at the top levels and achieving all types of trophies.

Real Madrid are always aware of the changes that are occurring around them therefore they always try to accommodate with multiple situations, actually the club is renewing their beautiful stadium, to make it even bigger and capable of holding more and more sporting events, this would give an enormous to the clubs economy.

Sporting Terms

No one denies the fact that Real Madrid is the greatest club of all time and the most stable club off all times, that is a very hard thing to achieve, and therefore those are the consequences of a great work done by both the administration and the coaches and staff.

In Real Madrid no one is above the club, no player no matter what his statue is will never be above the club, not even club legends like Di Stefano, Cristiano Ronaldo,... and more they were players at the club, the moment Cristiano started bugging the administration about his unhappiness they showed him the exit door wishing him all the best with what remains in his career, what we can see in these cases is that the club doesn't rely on anyone to reach the top, the institution of Real Madrid will find replacement for any player whatever his name was, Zidane, Raul, Ronaldo, Retired or left before them players like Zamorano, Hugo Sanchez, Butragueno, retired or left but the club stayed performing well and dominant over the whole continent of Europe, the continuity of this club has been achieved through the idea of no one is bigger than the club.

It is believed by Real Madrid fans and board that the best players plays are in Madrid, they always push their players and give them a boost before the big matches which makes the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu a very difficult and nearly impossible stadium to visit and win as an away team in the Champions League, and we all saw what happened in last year's UCL's campaign, the stadium is a living hell for other teams.

Real Madrid has had the best coaches in terms of managers, fitness coaches, recovery coaches, and so on, when we see the past managers that took charge of the team we came across some mind blowing names like José Mourinho, Zinedine Zidane, Carlo Ancelotti, Vicente Del Bosque... that's a reason plus for their long term success they've had the best coaching team and that is because of the board's good management again.

Real Madrid has some values that are untouchable regarding the playstyle of the team, the dressing room, the handling of media, and more, Real Madrid adopts a playstyle that relies mainly on fast paced ball passing, fast paced transformation from defense to attack, the emphasis on players that has high speed abilities especially the wingers.

That was a total breakdown of the secrets that I personally think are the reason behind Real Madrid on-going success, and the reason that kept them at the top of the past, present and for sure the future !